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Pennsylvania, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  1859Pennsylvania, United States I4919 USA 
2 Calphennia  1823Pennsylvania, United States I5373 USA 
3 Carrie  Nov 1875Pennsylvania, United States I6163 USA 
4 Clara E  1864Pennsylvania, United States I4963 USA 
5 Elizabeth  Sep 1855Pennsylvania, United States I10058 USA 
6 Ellen  1846Pennsylvania, United States I949 USA 
7 Ellen  1888Pennsylvania, United States I12674 USA 
8 Eveline  1839Pennsylvania, United States I14089 USA 
9 Jane  1815Pennsylvania, United States I1423 USA 
10 Julia  1848Pennsylvania, United States I8429 USA 
11 Leona B  1911Pennsylvania, United States I13754 USA 
12 Martha  1846Pennsylvania, United States I9823 USA 
13 Mary E  1894Pennsylvania, United States I13708 USA 
14 Matilda  1816Pennsylvania, United States I11907 USA 
15 Maynie  1881Pennsylvania, United States I10051 USA 
16 Minnie  1851Pennsylvania, United States I6513 USA 
17 Bailey, Isabell  15 Mar 1862Pennsylvania, United States I5239 USA 
18 Booker, Virginia  1899Pennsylvania, United States I8110 USA 
19 Boughton, Earl F  Dec 1884Pennsylvania, United States I3883 USA 
20 Bresslin, James Cornelius  1842Pennsylvania, United States I7154 USA 
21 Bunker, Bertha  1870Pennsylvania, United States I6195 USA 
22 Cobb, Dyar  6 Aug 1807Pennsylvania, United States I5705 USA 
23 Decker, Elizabeth  1833Pennsylvania, United States I14511 USA 
24 Dickerson, Joseph Lindsley  10 Oct 1810Pennsylvania, United States I12408 USA 
25 Fairbanks, Ethel  1893/1894Pennsylvania, United States I1856 USA 
26 Fletcher, Joseph Edmund  12 Feb 1827Pennsylvania, United States I37949 USA 
27 Fouch, Joseph Moser  1843Pennsylvania, United States I10134 USA 
28 Gibson, Frank C  9 Aug 1855Pennsylvania, United States I4945 USA 
29 Gillis, JamesT  May 1869Pennsylvania, United States I14212 USA 
30 Gillis, Robert  1840Pennsylvania, United States I468 USA 
31 Glenn, Sarah E  1881Pennsylvania, United States I5274 USA 
32 Graham, Iva  1890Pennsylvania, United States I14097 USA 
33 Gregory, Rose  1855Pennsylvania, United States I9927 USA 
34 Hewitt, John Lyman  1834Pennsylvania, United States I3099 USA 
35 Hopkins, Robert W  1862Pennsylvania, United States I485 USA 
36 Hughes, Susan C.  1822Pennsylvania, United States I4989 USA 
37 Johnston, Elizabeth  1832Pennsylvania, United States I12031 USA 
38 Krepps, Harry N  1861Pennsylvania, United States I10144 USA 
39 Latimer, Charles D .  Feb 1894Pennsylvania, United States I17626 USA 
40 Latimer, Frank  Jul 1886Pennsylvania, United States I17624 USA 
41 Latimer, Samuel Alexander  Nov 1885Pennsylvania, United States I17623 USA 
42 Latimer, Thomas  Jul 1891Pennsylvania, United States I17625 USA 
43 Layton, Eleanor  1801Pennsylvania, United States I83 USA 
44 Lewis, Lillie  1853Pennsylvania, United States I3956 USA 
45 Lilley, Mary E  1830Pennsylvania, United States I12347 USA 
46 McCray, Byron  Jul 1851Pennsylvania, United States I3070 USA 
47 Mcgovern, Richard C  1870Pennsylvania, United States I13748 USA 
48 McNutt, Alexander  Mar 1848Pennsylvania, United States I4904 USA 
49 Nash, Sarah Sally  5 Nov 1803Pennsylvania, United States I4998 USA 
50 Perot, Letitia  1870Pennsylvania, United States I1182 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Colvin, Judith  1825Pennsylvania, United States I16809 USA 
2 Kinnear, Margaret  10 Oct 1856Pennsylvania, United States I12720 USA 
3 Latimer, Thomas  1967Pennsylvania, United States I17625 USA 
4 Latimer, William Harrison  29 Sep 1961Pennsylvania, United States I17597 USA 
5 McAdoo, Elizabeth  1918Pennsylvania, United States I17606 USA 
6 Whiting, Judith  Abt 1898Pennsylvania, United States I4926 USA 
7 Whiting, Paul  Jul 1968Pennsylvania, United States I13740 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Colvin, Judith  1825Pennsylvania, United States I16809 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Layton, Eleanor  29 Sep 1867Pennsylvania, United States I83 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Whiting  1864Pennsylvania, United States F4066 USA 
2 Decker / Whiting  Pennsylvania, United States F3772 USA 
3 Fairbanks / Shepard  23 Nov 1890Pennsylvania, United States F1102 USA 
4 Gillis / Whiting  4 Aug 1868Pennsylvania, United States F10 USA 
5 Krepps / Fouch  1885Pennsylvania, United States F4470 USA 
6 McNutt / Whiting  1885Pennsylvania, United States F2237 USA 
7 Rice / Whiting  1851Pennsylvania, United States F2234 USA 
8 Ulmer / Traphagan  1870Pennsylvania, United States F4428 USA 
9 Whiting /   1894Pennsylvania, United States F706 USA 
10 Whiting / Perot  1898Pennsylvania, United States F700 USA 
11 Whiting / Solloway  1905Pennsylvania, United States F4365 USA 
12 Whiting / Stetson  Abt 1838Pennsylvania, United States F3896 USA 
13 Whiting / Wilcox  1859Pennsylvania, United States F3758 USA