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Michigan, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  Feb 1870Michigan, United States I12006 USA 
2 Bessie  1881Michigan, United States I12004 USA 
3 Catherine Letha  1886Michigan, United States I10317 USA 
4 Delia  1836Michigan, United States I5334 USA 
5 Elizabeth  Nov 1861Michigan, United States I7127 USA 
6 Gertrude  1884Michigan, United States I8071 USA 
7 Herbert C . Darling  1858Michigan, United States I11990 USA 
8 Ida  Oct 1870Michigan, United States I12014 USA 
9 Lucy M  Mar 1870Michigan, United States I6906 USA 
10 Lula M  1898Michigan, United States I688 USA 
11 Margaret  1837Michigan, United States I5466 USA 
12 Margaret  1885Michigan, United States I4704 USA 
13 Marion L.  1909Michigan, United States I10868 USA 
14 Mary  1842Michigan, United States I11058 USA 
15 Nona  Jun 1867Michigan, United States I4625 USA 
16 Olive  1910Michigan, United States I448 USA 
17 Rosetta  1860MIchigan, United States I17499 USA 
18 Theodocia  1855Michigan, United States I6514 USA 
19 Allen, David D.  1857Michigan, United States I29206 USA 
20 Anderson, James P.  15 Oct 1862Michigan, United States I6850 USA 
21 Anderson, Viatie  Abt 1859Michigan, United States I6888 USA 
22 Brodigan, William H  1857Michigan, United States I5271 USA 
23 Brown, Maude Alice  1873Michigan, United States I5262 USA 
24 Camburn, Ann  11 Oct 1848Michigan, United States I29219 USA 
25 Campbell, Edward  Sep 1848Michigan, United States I12023 USA 
26 Campbell, Kittie  May 1882Michigan, United States I12024 USA 
27 Chaffee, Charles  Abt 1846MIchigan, United States I26857 USA 
28 Chaffee, Ida Avilda  Abt 1856MIchigan, United States I26858 USA 
29 Clark, Mary Jane  Jan 1872Michigan, United States I10792 USA 
30 Crispell, Maud  May 1881Michigan, United States I7055 USA 
31 Curtis, Etta  Abt 1892Michigan, United States I7092 USA 
32 Dann, Kenneth Robert  1902Michigan, United States I11239 USA 
33 Darling, Claude  Jan 1889Michigan, United States I12016 USA 
34 Darling, Elmer E  Dec 1862Michigan, United States I11991 USA 
35 Darling, Gertrude  1906Michigan, United States I12012 USA 
36 Darling, Winoa  1909Michigan, United States I12013 USA 
37 Davis, Walter  Nov 1874Michigan, United States I12022 USA 
38 Dickerson, Joseph Lindsley Jr.  15 Mar 1856Michigan, United States I12404 USA 
39 Evans, Ray Mae  MIchigan, United States I28977 USA 
40 Everts, May  Sep 1884Michigan, United States I5279 USA 
41 Farley, Willis D  Nov 1868Michigan, United States I5277 USA 
42 Fish, Jessie A .  Michigan, United States I14546 USA 
43 Gates, William  Nov 1852Michigan, United States I7101 USA 
44 Gay, Maud  Michigan, United States I11183 USA 
45 Glenn, Elmer C.  Jun 1864Michigan, United States I6724 USA 
46 Glenn, Lillian  1901Michigan, United States I6725 USA 
47 Glenn, Lucy  1904Michigan, United States I6726 USA 
48 Haight, Oliver  1853Michigan, United States I8549 USA 
49 Hall, Artimus or Artemus  Jul 1862Michigan, United States I14520 USA 
50 Hall, Belle or Rosa  Sep 1869Michigan, United States I14521 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chase, Ruth Alida  4 Feb 2000Michigan, United States I28972 USA 
2 Dickerson, Joseph Lindsley  10 Feb 1886Michigan, United States I12408 USA 
3 Horning, Alice Louise  11 Oct 1991Michigan, United States I11004 USA 
4 Krause, William  11 Dec 1942Michigan, United States I11805 USA 
5 Merrell, Benjamin  Bef 1846Michigan, United States I5534 USA 
6 Metcalf, Sarah  1851Michigan, United States I29211 USA 
7 Seeley, Mary H  1907Michigan, United States I27278 USA 
8 Wheeler, John Wallace  Bef 1920Michigan, United States I7052 USA 
9 Whiting, Esminny  21 Sep 1918Michigan, United States I6774 USA 
10 Whiting, Gordon G  11 May 1848Michigan, United States I26849 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenne, Ida Clarisaa  Abt 8 Jun 1949Michigan, United States I11187 USA 
2 Lux, Joseph William Inice  Michigan, United States I17492 USA 
3 Ploof, Phillip  Abt 12 Feb 1945Michigan, United States I11174 USA 
4 Whiting, Albert  Abt 6 Jul 1868Michigan, United States I11142 USA 
5 Whiting, Ann  1852Michigan, United States I11141 USA 
6 Whiting, Catherine Louisa  May 1900Michigan, United States I32010 USA 
7 Whiting, John Walford  Abt 11 Jul 1883Michigan, United States I11235 USA 
8 Whiting, Julia Ellen  Abt 28 Nov 1923Michigan, United States I11139 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   1852Michigan, United States F5119 USA 
2 Anthony / Whiting  1876Michigan, United States F3885 USA 
3 Campbell /   1881Michigan, United States F5127 USA 
4 Clark / Doherty  Abt 1870Michigan, United States F4595 USA 
5 Darling /   1887Michigan, United States F5120 USA 
6 Darling /   1887Michigan, United States F5121 USA 
7 Darling /   1919Michigan, United States F5124 USA 
8 Everts / Brown  1894Michigan, United States F2415 USA 
9 Farley / Everts  1897Michigan, United States F2419 USA 
10 Greskowitz / Cox  1923Michigan, United States F4530 USA 
11 Jenne / Whiting  Abt 1862Michigan, United States F4840 USA 
12 Kightlinger / Everts  1893Michigan, United States F2418 USA 
13 Merrell / Saxton  20 Apr 1823Michigan, United States F2611 USA 
14 Moe / Glenn  1918MIchigan, United States F3163 USA 
15 Sanford / Anderson  Abt 1891Michigan, United States F3252 USA 
16 Welling / Whiting  22 Aug 1869Michigan, United States F3208 USA 
17 Wheeler / Whiting  1881Michigan, United States F3251 USA 
18 Whiting /   1881Michigan, United States F3245 USA 
19 Whiting /   1893Michigan, United States F3267 USA 
20 Whiting /   1920Michigan, United States F2409 USA 
21 Whiting / Bailey  1882Michigan, United States F2403 USA 
22 Whiting / Hamlin  1886Michigan, United States F5166 USA 
23 Whiting / Hastings  1906Michigan, United States F3333 USA 
24 Whiting / Hubbard  1884Michigan, United States F2400 USA 
25 Whiting / VanHouten  1900Michigan, United States F4520 USA 
26 Wood / Whiting  27 Jun 1889Michigan, United States F5040 USA