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Portsmouth, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldred, Harry or Henry James  Jan 1892Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2715 Surry 
2 Ayres, Raymond  12 Feb 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4994 Surry 
3 Barber, Arthur Edward  1893Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5297 Surry 
4 Barber, Daisy Dorothy  16 Oct 1890Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5296 Surry 
5 Barber, Edith Olive  18 Jun 1889Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5295 Surry 
6 Barber, Ernest Leslie  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5298 Surry 
7 Barber, James W  4 May 1879Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5292 Surry 
8 Barber, James William  1856Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5291 Surry 
9 Barber, James William Thomas  15 Sep 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5303 Surry 
10 Barber, Lily  16 Oct 1881Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5293 Surry 
11 Barber, May Beatrice  1886Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5294 Surry 
12 Bishop or Bordon, Florence Anne Margaret  Oct 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3372 Surry 
13 Burrow, Rosalie  1883Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5302 Surry 
14 Butcher, Anthony Arthur L  17 May 1935Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5005 Surry 
15 Davis, Catherine Ivy  Oct 1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4800 Surry 
16 Davis, Donald Arthur Walter  19 Sep 1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2930 Surry 
17 Davis, Frederick Charles  16 Jan 1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4797 Surry 
18 Davis, Maurice William John  17 Feb 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2931 Surry 
19 Fane, Ivy Mable  14 Mar 1904Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5270 Surry 
20 Fraser, John Richard  4 Aug 1934Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3579 Surry 
21 Groves, Henry  10 Sep 1897Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5247 Surry 
22 Hawkins, William David  1880Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5301 Surry 
23 Hayward, Annie Maude  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5685 Surry 
24 Hoare, Audrey Iris  20 May 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3005 Surry 
25 Hudson, Joan Lilian  13 Feb 1917Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3100 Surry 
26 Jenkins, Frederick Philip  2 May 1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2978 Surry 
27 Saunders, Cyril Leslie  10 Jan 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5013 Surry 
28 Saunders, Thomas  1956Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5012 Surry 
29 Shier, Annie Matilda  1892Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5333 Surry 
30 Smith, Dorothy (Dolly)  1900Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5317 Surry 
31 Smith, Ethel Edith  29 Jun 1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5312 Surry 
32 Smith, Robert  1888Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5311 Surry 
33 Soars, Esther Grace  Abt 1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1605 Surry 
34 Taylor, Albert George  6 Jan 1904Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5266 Surry 
35 Taylor, Ann Bertha  1895Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5264 Surry 
36 Taylor, Daisey Cleeve  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5267 Surry 
37 Taylor, Elsie Beatrice  1899Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5265 Surry 
38 Taylor, John James  Jan 1890Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5262 Surry 
39 Whiling, Victor Norman  Jul 1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1109 Surry 
40 Whiting, Alfred  1837Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I342 Surry 
41 Whiting, Edmund  1870Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1057 Surry 
42 Whiting, Fanny  1848Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I528 Surry 
43 Whiting, George E  1816Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I105 Surry 
44 Whiting, Harold Thomas P  29 Aug 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5250 Surry 
45 Whiting, Henry Hiland  1823Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I161 Surry 
46 Whiting, Isabel Louise  7 Jul 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5257 Surry 
47 Whiting, John James  1866Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5241 Surry 
48 Whiting, John Obadiah  1897Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5255 Surry 
49 Whiting, Julia Frances  Oct 1861Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2116 Surry 
50 Whiting, Mary J  1836Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I326 Surry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Harriett Catherine (Kate)  Sep 1959Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4287 Surry 
2 Adams, Lilian Selina A  Jan 1933Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4781 Surry 
3 Adams, Sophia Jane  Dec 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4295 Surry 
4 Aldred, Harry or Henry James  Sep 1965Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2715 Surry 
5 Ayres, Raymond  Sep 2000Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4994 Surry 
6 Baker, Lloyd  Jun 1968Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1585 Surry 
7 Barber, Arthur Edward  Oct 1963Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5297 Surry 
8 Barber, James William  18 Jan 1930Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5291 Surry 
9 Barber, May Beatrice  1932Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5294 Surry 
10 Bishop or Bordon, Florence Anne Margaret  Sep 1945Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3372 Surry 
11 Butcher, Anthony Arthur L  Mar 2004Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5005 Surry 
12 Claxon, May Elizabeth Sanderson  Jul 1974Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5320 Surry 
13 Cleife, Beatrice Eleanor  1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5321 Surry 
14 Coleman, Edward John  8 May 1995Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2772 Surry 
15 Coleman, Kathleen Olive  26 Sep 2004Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2776 Surry 
16 Coleman, Margaret Jane  22 Feb 2007Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2771 Surry 
17 Coleman, Richard Egbert (Dick)  27 Dec 2015Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2775 Surry 
18 Cottle, Phyllis  Sep 1965Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4963 Surry 
19 Davis, Francis Alfred  Mar 1953Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4801 Surry 
20 Davis, Frederick Charles  Dec 1978Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4797 Surry 
21 Davis, Percy William  19 Oct 1971Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I782 Surry 
22 Davis, Thomas Alfred  Sep 1953Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4799 Surry 
23 Ellaway, Alice  1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5497 Surry 
24 Fane, Ivy Mable  1968Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5270 Surry 
25 Ford, Harold Frederick  16 Jul 1962Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4933 Surry 
26 Hatch, Edith E  Jan 1945Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I491 Surry 
27 Huby, Jessie  Aug 1993Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3066 Surry 
28 Jenkins, Frederick Philip  Jun 1996Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2978 Surry 
29 Kent, Winifred May  31 May 1981Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3556 Surry 
30 Matthews, Ann  1869Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5334 Surry 
31 Merritt, Stella M  Sep 1955Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4934 Surry 
32 Podesta, Eleanor  21 Sep 1954Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5492 Surry 
33 Rich, Mervyn Allen  Jun 1974Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3508 Surry 
34 Roke, Cecil  17 Jan 1959Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3266 Surry 
35 Sargant, Walter Charles  Mar 1956Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1285 Surry 
36 Saunders, Cyril Leslie  Oct 1996Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5013 Surry 
37 Saunders, Thomas  Sep 1956Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5012 Surry 
38 Searle, Jane  Mar 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4778 Surry 
39 Sheppard, Harry Cecil  Feb 2004Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4974 Surry 
40 Smith, Vera Joan  Dec 2003Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4905 Surry 
41 Taylor, Daisey Cleeve  Apr 1942Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5267 Surry 
42 Taylor, John James  1940Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5262 Surry 
43 Tune, Albert Alwyn  Jun 1970Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1601 Surry 
44 Upperton or Deane, Clement (Clem)  Mar 1927Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4784 Surry 
45 Whiting, Ann  1921Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5348 Surry 
46 Whiting, Annie  Sep 1967Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3433 Surry 
47 Whiting, Eliza Ann  Sep 1930Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1173 Surry 
48 Whiting, Henry  Jun 1991Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1473 Surry 
49 Whiting, James Claude  1954Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2166 Surry 
50 Whiting, Mary Elizabeth  28 Aug 1956Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3435 Surry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whiting, Victor John (PO 1c)  1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1348 Surry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Whiting  Jul 1935Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F43 Surry 
2 Barber / Smith  1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1766 Surry 
3 Coleman / Hoare  27 Dec 1952Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F874 Surry 
4 Davis / Adams  Jan 1902Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1384 Surry 
5 Davis / Dyer  8 Mar 1952Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F928 Surry 
6 Davis / North  Sep 1947Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F929 Surry 
7 Davis / Willis  Jun 1938Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1589 Surry 
8 Groves / Shier  1913Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1779 Surry 
9 Hawkins / Taylor  6 Mar 1907portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1767 Surry 
10 Hennan / Barber  1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1761 Surry 
11 McGinn / Whiting  Oct 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1776 Surry 
12 McKay / Coleman  Dec 1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F875 Surry 
13 Rich / Kent  Sep 1928Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1127 Surry 
14 Taylor / Claxon  21 Dec 1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1771 Surry 
15 Taylor / Fane  1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1768 Surry 
16 Weller / Smith  1957Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1763 Surry 
17 Whiting / Dridge  Jan 1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F637 Surry 
18 Whiting / Hudson  Dec 1938Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F825 Surry 
19 Whiting / Marchant  Mar 1923Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F824 Surry