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Wisconsin, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clara  1890Wisconsin, United States I4629 USA 
2 Eliza  1856Wisconsin, United States I3319 USA 
3 Elsie A.  Jun 1856Wisconsin, United States I3333 USA 
4 Elva  1870Wisconsin, United States I3300 USA 
5 Erna Lidia  1878Wisconsin, United States I9527 USA 
6 Flora  1866Wisconsin, United States I11740 USA 
7 Florence  Nov 1881Wisconsin, United States I9525 USA 
8 Frances H  1895Wisconsin, United States I12771 USA 
9 Harriet  1880Wisconsin, United States I5308 USA 
10 Helen  1870Wisconsin, United States I16851 USA 
11 Ida  1887Wisconsin, United States I12762 USA 
12 Mary F  1878Wisconsin, United States I9232 USA 
13 Sarah  1891Wisconsin, United States I11743 USA 
14 Allen, Helen M.  1881Wisconsin, United States I3298 USA 
15 Austin, Elouise  May 1873Wisconsin, United States I12314 USA 
16 Babcock, May R  1876Wisconsin, United States I11753 USA 
17 Bates, Harvey Alonzo  14 Oct 1864Wisconsin, United States I14826 USA 
18 Bayley, Anna R  Oct 1858Wisconsin, United States I14084 USA 
19 Beauleau, George  19 Dec 1873Wisconsin, United States I9530 USA 
20 Brinkerhoff, Frank Harvey  23 Aug 1876Wisconsin, United States I1043 USA 
21 Carrier, Hazel  May 1895Wisconsin, United States I3342 USA 
22 Coltman, Evangeline Frost  16 Oct 1896Wisconsin, United States I14010 USA 
23 Coltman, Holmes Clay  Dec 1898Wisconsin, United States I14011 USA 
24 Coltman, Lillian Snowe  Jul 1891Wisconsin, United States I14008 USA 
25 Corning, Ida M.  Dec 1875Wisconsin, United States I25961 USA 
26 Cross, George  Apr 1861Wisconsin, United States I12765 USA 
27 Cross, Sylvia Isabella  Jan 1884Wisconsin, United States I12764 USA 
28 Curtis, Elton C.  1853Wisconsin, United States I3279 USA 
29 Curtis, Francis A.  1892Wisconsin, United States I1323 USA 
30 E, Elizabeth  1839Wisconsin, United States I12171 USA 
31 Fitzgibbon, M. Henry  16 Feb 1854Wisconsin, United States I17595 USA 
32 Gould, Eleanor Rhoda  29 Sep 1855Wisconsin, United States I35175 USA 
33 Hayford, Laura  Abt 1903Wisconsin, United States I4757 USA 
34 Hewitt, Edward  1864Wisconsin, United States I3354 USA 
35 Hodge, John S .  Abt 1878Wisconsin, United States I14590 USA 
36 Ingalls, Alice Josephine  23 Apr 1862Wisconsin, United States I29942 USA 
37 Ingalls, Ellen Estelle  Jan 1865Wisconsin, United States I4721 USA 
38 Ingalls, Wallace H  1915Wisconsin, United States I29975 USA 
39 Ingalls, William L  1918Wisconsin, United States I29976 USA 
40 Kingsley, Geo . W .  Abt 1860Wisconsin, United States I16938 USA 
41 Kingsley, Hazel  Abt 1901Wisconsin, United States I16940 USA 
42 Kingsley, Leslie F  Abt Aug 1890Wisconsin, United States I16939 USA 
43 Lowell, Lila  Aug 1871Wisconsin, United States I1318 USA 
44 M, Louisa  Feb 1871Wisconsin, United States I9573 USA 
45 Maxson, Carol Rebecca  7 Jun 1898Wisconsin, United States I16861 USA 
46 Maxson, George Whiting  5 Feb 1902Wisconsin, United States I36761 USA 
47 Maxson, Maude Marie  14 Jun 1900Wisconsin, United States I16862 USA 
48 McMahon  Sep 1860Wisconsin, United States I1321 USA 
49 McNally, John  1854Wisconsin, United States I14904 USA 
50 McVey, Maud E.  1871Wisconsin, United States I3344 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bayless, Daniel  1973Wisconsin, United States I32211 USA 
2 Pratt, Charles  12 Sep 1892Wisconsin, United States I2981 USA 
3 Pratt, Mary B  1883Wisconsin, United States I39321 USA 
4 Thomas, Abel  19 May 1866Wisconsin, United States I36900 USA 
5 Whiting, George Augustus  1854Wisconsin, United States I898 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Maxson / Whiting  30 Jun 1897Wisconsin, United States F1647 USA