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West Ham, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Emily Florence  4 Oct 1916West Ham, Essex, England I3333 Surry 
2 Bagnall, Eliza  25 Jul 1872West Ham, Essex, England I3945 Sufflk 
3 Bath, Henry F  1905West Ham, Essex, England I2350 Sufflk 
4 Fairweather, Annie Elizabeth  13 Nov 1868West Ham, Essex, England I3909 Sufflk 
5 Faunch, Beatrice Lucy  1897West Ham, Essex, England I2215 Nrthn 
6 Faunch, Percy William  2 Feb 1887West Ham, Essex, England I2213 Nrthn 
7 Hayden, Joseph Bernard  17 May 1907West Ham, Essex, England I1311 Nrthn 
8 Inglis, Margaret J  3 Jul 1914West Ham, Essex, England I3430 Nrthn 
9 Jarrold, Edgar George  10 Apr 1906West Ham, Essex, England I3946 Sufflk 
10 Jarrold, Frederick George  1901West Ham, Essex, England I3912 Sufflk 
11 Jarrold, Gertrude Alma  9 Feb 1896West Ham, Essex, England I3910 Sufflk 
12 Jarrold, William Thomas Vernie  2 May 1909West Ham, Essex, England I3911 Sufflk 
13 Jones, Dorothy Louisa  7 Dec 1898West Ham, Essex, England I3960 Sufflk 
14 Lucas, Jessie Alexandra  7 Feb 1903West Ham, Essex, England I3638 Sufflk 
15 Scarborough, Elizabeth Maud  1874West Ham, Essex, England I3148 Sufflk 
16 Taylor, Arthur James  11 Jul 1904West Ham, Essex, England I3967 Sufflk 
17 Taylor, Ivy Gertrude  22 Jul 1901West Ham, Essex, England I3968 Sufflk 
18 Taylor, Reginald C  1887West Ham, Essex, England I2216 Nrthn 
19 Watts, Margaret I  23 Dec 1906West Ham, Essex, England I3962 Sufflk 
20 Whiting, Henry E  1849West Ham, Essex, England I490 Sufflk 
21 Whiting, Walter Henry  1899West Ham, Essex, England I2606 Surry 
22 Whiting, William James  1890West Ham, Essex, England I2576 Surry 
23 Willis, Ruby Marie Ida  28 Jun 1916West Ham, Essex, England I3981 Sufflk 
24 Wood, Ernest Charles  1880West Ham, Essex, England I3167 Sufflk 
25 Wood, Louisa Millicent  1882West Ham, Essex, England I3168 Sufflk 
26 Wood, Samuel James  1877West Ham, Essex, England I3166 Sufflk 
27 Wood, Walter Robert  1886West Ham, Essex, England I3169 Sufflk 
28 Wood, William John  1875West Ham, Essex, England I269 Sufflk 
29 Wood, William John  1875West Ham, Essex, England I3164 Sufflk 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Campbell, Donald Alexander  1903West Ham, Essex, England I3601 Sufflk 
2 Fullick, George  Sep 1922West Ham, Essex, England I3208 Surry 
3 Green, Sarah  1896West Ham, Essex, England I3980 Sufflk 
4 Harber, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1932West Ham, Essex, England I3161 Sufflk 
5 Jarrold, Herbert Charles  1881West Ham, Essex, England I3904 Sufflk 
6 Milton, Agnes Sarah  1912West Ham, Essex, England I3189 Sufflk 
7 Paxton, Arthur Sydney  Dec 1952West Ham, Essex, England I5042 Surry 
8 Reeman, George  1913West Ham, Essex, England I4412 Sufflk 
9 Scarborough, Elizabeth Maud  1932West Ham, Essex, England I3148 Sufflk 
10 Scarborough, Elizabeth Maud  1932West Ham, Essex, England I3165 Sufflk 
11 Taylor, James  1916West Ham, Essex, England I3972 Sufflk 
12 Taylor, William James  1899West Ham, Essex, England I3969 Sufflk 
13 Whiting, Sophia  Mar 1926West Ham, Essex, England I1833 Surry 
14 Wood, Charles  1911West Ham, Essex, England I257 Sufflk 
15 Wood, Charles  1923West Ham, Essex, England I3163 Sufflk 
16 Wood, Samuel James  25 Dec 1920West Ham, Essex, England I3166 Sufflk 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Downey / Flack  1919West Ham, Essex, England F1214 Sufflk 
2 Drewe / Whiting  1932West Ham, Essex, England F1092 Sufflk 
3 Faunch / Joyce  1911West Ham, Essex, England F1139 Nrthn 
4 Faunch / Whiting  1886West Ham, Essex, England F704 Nrthn 
5 Jarrold / Tarling  1920West Ham, Essex, England F1297 Sufflk 
6 Jarrold / Watts  1932West Ham, Essex, England F1304 Sufflk 
7 Mouncey / Lucas  1919West Ham, Essex, England F1156 Sufflk 
8 Page / Wood  1920West Ham, Essex, England F958 Sufflk 
9 Taylor / Algar  1933West Ham, Essex, England F1308 Sufflk 
10 Taylor / Faunch  1913West Ham, Essex, England F707 Nrthn 
11 Whiting / Shrewsbury  1910West Ham, Essex, England F670 Sufflk 
12 Wood / Scarborough  1895West Ham, Essex, England F954 Sufflk 
13 Wood / Scarborough  1895West Ham, Essex, England F957 Sufflk