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Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arkhill, Deborah  1828Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I181 Glstr 
2 Curtis, Ann  1816Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I789 Glstr 
3 Fowler, Hannah Maria  1747Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I656 Glstr 
4 Phelps, Anne  1806Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1680 Glstr 
5 Phelps, Charles  1817Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1102 Glstr 
6 Phelps, Ellen  1868Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1070 Glstr 
7 Phelps, Jesse  1870Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1105 Glstr 
8 Phelps, William  1856Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1107 Glstr 
9 Townsend, Charles  1832Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I517 Glstr 
10 Townsend, Isaac  1791Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I615 Glstr 
11 Townsend, Isaac  1836Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I27 Glstr 
12 Townsend, James  1831Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1181 Glstr 
13 Townsend, John  1838Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I845 Glstr 
14 Townsend, Susannah  1841Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I432 Glstr 
15 Whiting, Adolphus Edward  1864Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I693 Glstr 
16 Whiting, Alice  1860Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I503 Glstr 
17 Whiting, Alice Rosella Christina  1866Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I694 Glstr 
18 Whiting, Amariah  1823Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I141 Glstr 
19 Whiting, Ann  1796Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I809 Glstr 
20 Whiting, Ann  1807Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I46 Glstr 
21 Whiting, Ann  1850Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I224 Glstr 
22 Whiting, Ann  1850Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I965 Glstr 
23 Whiting, Anne  1869Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I820 Glstr 
24 Whiting, Arthur William  1869Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I695 Glstr 
25 Whiting, Benjamin  8 Mar 1812Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I512 Glstr 
26 Whiting, Charles  1851Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I403 Glstr 
27 Whiting, Charles  1870Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I821 Glstr 
28 Whiting, Edward  1862Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1109 Glstr 
29 Whiting, Ellen  1870Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1594 Glstr 
30 Whiting, Ellen  1870Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I953 Glstr 
31 Whiting, Fanny  1806Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I41 Glstr 
32 Whiting, Fanny  1833Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1103 Glstr 
33 Whiting, Frederick  1858Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I481 Glstr 
34 Whiting, Frederick  1859Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1108 Glstr 
35 Whiting, George D  1865Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I951 Glstr 
36 Whiting, George Daniel  1865Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I511 Glstr 
37 Whiting, Henry  1841Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I304 Glstr 
38 Whiting, Henry  1853Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I421 Glstr 
39 Whiting, Henry William  1840Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I457 Glstr 
40 Whiting, James  1780Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I348 Glstr 
41 Whiting, James  1867Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I819 Glstr 
42 Whiting, Jane  1843Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I950 Glstr 
43 Whiting, John  21 Feb 1808Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1710 Glstr 
44 Whiting, John  1809Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I57 Glstr 
45 Whiting, John  1831Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I210 Glstr 
46 Whiting, Mary  1842Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1113 Glstr 
47 Whiting, Mary  1844Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I367 Glstr 
48 Whiting, Mary  1844Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I964 Glstr 
49 Whiting, Mary  1867Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I952 Glstr 
50 Whiting, Mary Ann  1833Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1533 Glstr 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whiting, Alice Rosella Christina  25 Nov 1866Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I694 Glstr 
2 Whiting, Ann  14 Mar 1849Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1173 Glstr 
3 Whiting, Arthur William  26 Dec 1869Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I695 Glstr 
4 Whiting, George Daniel  5 Mar 1865Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I511 Glstr 
5 Whiting, Henry William  7 Jun 1840Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I457 Glstr 
6 Whiting, John  24 Feb 1760SAPPERTON, Gloucestershire, ENGLAND I1515 Glstr 
7 Whiting, Mary  22 May 1842Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1113 Glstr 
8 Whiting, Mary  22 Sep 1844Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I367 Glstr 
9 Whiting, Mary Jane  12 May1867Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I25 Glstr 
10 Whiting, Rachael  16 Mar 1777Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1137 Glstr 
11 Whiting, Thomas  11 Dec 1774Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1753 Glstr 
12 Whiting, Thomas  28 Jun 1835Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I974 Glstr 
13 Whiting, William  11 Dec 1774Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I207 Glstr 
14 Whiting, William  20 Jun 1841Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1677 Glstr 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arkhill, Deborah  1884Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I181 Glstr 
2 Whiting, Amariah  1893Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I141 Glstr 
3 Whiting, John  1876Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1710 Glstr 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Whiting, John  8 Sep 1876Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1710 Glstr 
2 Whiting, Mary Ann  13 Jun 1854Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I149 Glstr 
3 Whiting, William  13 Jan 1712Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I1527 Glstr 
4 Whiting, William  28 May 1862Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England I207 Glstr 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Townsend / Whiting  1826Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F485 Glstr 
2 Whiting /   7 Oct 1675Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F328 Glstr 
3 Whiting /   30 Sep 1703Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F327 Glstr 
4 Whiting /   23 Jan 1757Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F325 Glstr 
5 Whiting / Arkhill  25 Dec 1855Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F48 Glstr 
6 Whiting / Dix  27 Sep 1863Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F482 Glstr 
7 Whiting / Phelps  11 Aug 1839Sapperton, Gloucestershire, England F480 Glstr