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Reading, Berkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baldwin, Ellen  From 1606 to 1626Reading, Berkshire, England I24381 USA 
2 Baldwin, Margaret  Abt 1594Reading, Berkshire, England I24378 USA 
3 Baldwin, Robert  Abt 1573Reading, Berkshire, England I24140 USA 
4 Baldwin, Thomas  Abt 1600Reading, Berkshire, England I24380 USA 
5 Bayliss, Michael J  1933Reading, Berkshire, England I5428 Surry 
6 Corfield, Thomas E  1910Reading, Berkshire, England I3535 Sufflk 
7 Jones, Joseph  1626Reading, Berkshire, England I19867 USA 
8 Neale, Mary Annie Elizabeth E  30 Jan 1916Reading, Berkshire, England I4215 Sufflk 
9 Phillips, Edward Walter  Apr 1875Reading, Berkshire, England I2922 Surry 
10 Whichelow, Winifred Daisy  12 Jan 1890Reading, Berkshire, England I3586 Nrthn 
11 Whiting, Adelina  1842Reading, Berkshire, England I415 Surry 
12 Whiting, Ann  1807Reading, Berkshire, England I54 Surry 
13 Whiting, Caroline  1828Reading, Berkshire, England I218 Surry 
14 Whiting, Fanny  1859Reading, Berkshire, England I815 Surry 
15 Whiting, Francis Keable  1865Reading, Berkshire, England I1504 Surry 
16 Whiting, Harriett Blanche  1870Reading, Berkshire, England I2167 Surry 
17 Whiting, Henry  1805Reading, Berkshire, England I46 Surry 
18 Whiting, Henry  1805Reading, Berkshire, England I1680 Surry 
19 Whiting, Henry  2 Jan 1805Reading, Berkshire, England I1854 Glstr 
20 Whiting, Henry  1824Reading, Berkshire, England I172 Surry 
21 Whiting, Isac E  1866Reading, Berkshire, England I1505 Surry 
22 Whiting, James  1835Reading, Berkshire, England I317 Surry 
23 Whiting, James Claude  1870Reading, Berkshire, England I2166 Surry 
24 Whiting, Jane Eliza  1866Reading, Berkshire, England I2164 Surry 
25 Whiting, Julia M  1868Reading, Berkshire, England I1506 Surry 
26 Whiting, Laura Emily S  1876Reading, Berkshire, England I2168 Surry 
27 Whiting, Mark  1865Reading, Berkshire, England I1622 Surry 
28 Whiting, Martha  1867Reading, Berkshire, England I1623 Surry 
29 Whiting, Martha Mary  1832Reading, Berkshire, England I273 Surry 
30 Whiting, Mary H  1870Reading, Berkshire, England I1624 Surry 
31 Whiting, William  1828Reading, Berkshire, England I228 Surry 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blatcher, Winifred Doreen  17 Aug 1982Reading, Berkshire, England I3250 Surry 
2 Davidson, Harry  7 Oct 1940Reading, Berkshire, England I5036 Surry 
3 Ferrell, Emily  1899Reading, Berkshire, England I2557 Surry 
4 Gaskin, Thomas  From January 1914 to March 1914Reading, Berkshire, England I3696 Nrthn 
5 George, Walter  Sep 1947Reading, Berkshire, England I3524 Surry 
6 Gorham, Paul Raymond  1 Dec 1957Reading, Berkshire, England I5530 Surry 
7 Graham, Teresa  23 Nov 1917Reading, Berkshire, England I3725 Nrthn 
8 Mills, Margaret  Oct 1971Reading, Berkshire, England I5535 Surry 
9 Tune, Edith Emily  Dec 1940Reading, Berkshire, England I1775 Surry 
10 Weavers, Harold Edward  1911Reading, Berkshire, England I3236 Sufflk 
11 Whichelow, Winifred Daisy  7 Mar 1972Reading, Berkshire, England I3586 Nrthn 
12 Whiting, Francis Keable  2 Apr 1942Reading, Berkshire, England I1504 Surry 
13 Whiting, Harriett Blanche  Mar 1953Reading, Berkshire, England I2167 Surry 
14 Whiting, Jane Eliza  24 Apr 1924Reading, Berkshire, England I2164 Surry 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Keable  1862Reading, Berkshire, England F921 York 
2 Bayliss / Showell  Oct 1942Reading, Berkshire, England F1821 Surry 
3 Dewey / Huby  Mar 1947Reading, Berkshire, England F868 Surry 
4 Eddy /   1908Reading, Berkshire, England F926 York 
5 George / Rich  Sep 1938Reading, Berkshire, England F680 Surry 
6 Heath / Ferrell  1885Reading, Berkshire, England F554 Surry 
7 Lakin / Brown  1649Reading, Berkshire, England F7905 USA 
8 Whiting / Keable  1862Reading, Berkshire, England F410 Surry 
9 Whiting / Whichelow  1920Reading, Berkshire, England F1208 Nrthn