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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alberta  1887Ohio, United States I11405 USA 
2 Anna  Abt 1904Ohio, United States I28949 USA 
3 Clara  Apr 1870Ohio, United States I32019 USA 
4 Clara  1880Ohio, United States I4586 USA 
5 Edith  1910Ohio, United States I10209 USA 
6 Eliza  1845Ohio, United States I10194 USA 
7 Eliza M  1835Ohio, United States I13116 USA 
8 F R  Jul 1853Ohio, United States I12002 USA 
9 Harriet C  1856Ohio, United States I825 USA 
10 Margaret D  1875Ohio, United States I27280 USA 
11 Margarett E  1845Ohio, United States I14000 USA 
12 Marion F  1855Ohio, United States I679 USA 
13 Martha  1908Ohio, United States I447 USA 
14 Mary F  1907Ohio, United States I10170 USA 
15 Ruth  1891Ohio, United States I31893 USA 
16 Allen, Roland L  Aug 1865Ohio, United States I5310 USA 
17 Ames  1850Ohio, United States I10184 USA 
18 Ames, Clara ( Clute )  Feb 1852Ohio, United States I10186 USA 
19 Arnott, Eunice A.  1849Ohio, United States I6088 USA 
20 Arnott, Marshall A.  Jul 1843Ohio, United States I6087 USA 
21 Bachelor, Charles  1854Ohio, United States I29401 USA 
22 Bachelor, Frank  1857Ohio, United States I29395 USA 
23 Bachelor, George A.  1849Ohio, United States I29400 USA 
24 Bennett, William H  1846Ohio, United States I27329 USA 
25 Billings, Charles Henry  Sep 1889Ohio, United States I28906 USA 
26 Billings, Frank  1859Ohio, United States I28902 USA 
27 Billings, Orson Buell  9 Aug 1843Ohio, United States I29418 USA 
28 Bloom, William K  1834Ohio, United States I13115 USA 
29 Bourne, Mannie  Jun 1879Ohio, United States I29447 USA 
30 Bruce, Carrie Maude  1870Ohio, United States I18907 USA 
31 Bruce, Robert Lagard  1843Ohio, United States I6719 USA 
32 Burlingame, Henry  1868Ohio, United States I28911 USA 
33 C, Mary  1838Ohio, United States I11496 USA 
34 Case, Keturah  1806Ohio, United States I112 USA 
35 Cherryholmes, Sarah  1828Ohio, United States I13933 USA 
36 Christie, Delilah  1820Ohio, United States I39574 USA 
37 Connelly, Cora  1869Ohio, United States I8067 USA 
38 Connelly, David Milton or Milton David  1861Ohio, United States I8064 USA 
39 Connelly, John  1831Ohio, United States I7021 USA 
40 Connelly, Mary E  1864Ohio, United States I8065 USA 
41 Connelly, Sarah  1866Ohio, United States I8066 USA 
42 Connolly, Catherine  WFT Est. 1829-1851Ohio, United States I6841 USA 
43 Cooper, Laura  Sep 1851Ohio, United States I10100 USA 
44 Cramblett, Forest L  19 Jun 1910Ohio, United States I13996 USA 
45 Crosier, Alfred A .  Aug 1850Ohio, United States I17175 USA 
46 Dale, Walter E  1841Ohio, United States I29420 USA 
47 Davis, Charles Whiting  Abt 1854Ohio, United States I17355 USA 
48 Eaton, Robert  1817Ohio, United States I703 USA 
49 Edwards, Albert G.  May 1848Ohio, United States I6524 USA 
50 Emanuelsen, Catherine  1902Ohio, United States I28959 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hughes, Helen Agnes  31 Dec 1948Ohio, United States I29363 USA 
2 Norton, William Forest  26 Jul 1986Ohio, United States I552 USA 
3 Whiting, Samuel Morse  25 Sep 1913Ohio, United States I3837 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lego, Richard Thomas  1912Ohio, United States I31892 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fitch / Wight  Abt 1854Ohio, United States F2820 USA 
2 Kinsley /   1862Ohio, United States F9549 USA 
3 Wood / Fitch  1895Ohio, United States F9524 USA