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Northamptonshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amy  1880Northamptonshire, England I1600 Nrthn 
2 Ann  1806Northamptonshire, England I1842 Nrthn 
3 Lois  1821Northamptonshire, England I877 Nrthn 
4 Martha  1776Northamptonshire, England I1857 Nrthn 
5 Martha  1862Northamptonshire, England I2424 Nrthn 
6 Sarah  Abt 1800Northamptonshire, England I2333 Nrthn 
7 1857, Thomas William  1857Northamptonshire, England I5381 Surry 
8 Allen, Evelyn  1901Northamptonshire, England I1607 Nrthn 
9 Allen, Florence A  1895Northamptonshire, England I1605 Nrthn 
10 Allen, George  1897Northamptonshire, England I1606 Nrthn 
11 Allen, Harold  1893Northamptonshire, England I1604 Nrthn 
12 Bird, James T  1876Northamptonshire, England I4027 Nrthn 
13 Burton, Margaret  Abt 1608Northamptonshire, England I1837 Sufflk 
14 Burton, Margaret  Abt 1608Northamptonshire, England I1712 Nrthn 
15 Burton, Margaret  Abt 1608Northamptonshire, England I19570 USA 
16 Burton, Rowse  Abt 1585Northamptonshire, England I1834 Sufflk 
17 Burton, Rowse  Abt 1585Northamptonshire, England I1709 Nrthn 
18 Burton, Rowse  Abt 1585Northamptonshire, England I19567 USA 
19 Chapman, Daniel  1826Northamptonshire, England I2643 Nrthn 
20 Cox, Malcolm E  4 Nov 1933Northamptonshire, England I3055 Nrthn 
21 Cross, Victor Charles.  12 Feb 1895Northamptonshire, England I3240 Nrthn 
22 Curtis, John King Cuthbert  1833Northamptonshire, England I1413 Nrthn 
23 Curtis, John King Cuthbert  1833Northamptonshire, England I29720 USA 
24 Edwards, Elizabeth  1795Northamptonshire, England I718 Nrthn 
25 Fitzhugh, Thomas  1839Northamptonshire, England I2439 Nrthn 
26 Fox, Elizabeth  Northamptonshire, England I1588 Nrthn 
27 Frost, Mavis Gertrude  15 Dec 1913Northamptonshire, England I4014 Nrthn 
28 Gedd, Margaret Ann  1870Northamptonshire, England I2679 Nrthn 
29 Grimes, Daniel  1791Northamptonshire, England I1400 Nrthn 
30 Grimes, Daniel  1791Northamptonshire, England I29653 USA 
31 Harvey, Florence Kate Louisa  1891Northamptonshire, England I2738 Nrthn 
32 Harvey, William  Abt 1837Northamptonshire, England I2739 Nrthn 
33 Hill, Rose  1879Northamptonshire, England I372 Nrthn 
34 James, Charles  Abt 1827Northamptonshire, England I3006 Nrthn 
35 James, Sophia  Abt 1818Northamptonshire, England I3002 Nrthn 
36 Johnson, William  Northamptonshire, England I2709 Nrthn 
37 Jones, Charlotte Jane  1856Northamptonshire, England I2904 Nrthn 
38 Kew, Elizabeth  1824Northamptonshire, England I145 Nrthn 
39 King, Thomas  14 Jul 1662Northamptonshire, England I26948 USA 
40 Lambe, Elizabeth  Bef 1635Northamptonshire, England I19589 USA 
41 Lambe, Robert  Abt 1631Northamptonshire, England I19588 USA 
42 Laundon, Lucy  1901Northamptonshire, England I1798 Nrthn 
43 Lea, Lillian  17 Apr 1893Northamptonshire, England I4028 Nrthn 
44 Leatherland, Alfred  6 May 1888Northamptonshire, England I2332 Nrthn 
45 Leatherland, John  30 Dec 1937Northamptonshire, England I1873 Nrthn 
46 Lock, John Lewis  1903Northamptonshire, England I1800 Nrthn 
47 Lord, Richard  15 Nov 1611Northamptonshire, England I1346 Nrthn 
48 Matthews, Mark  Northamptonshire, England I2493 Nrthn 
49 Mawby, Elizabeth  1826Northamptonshire, England I1565 Nrthn 
50 Munns, Thomas William  Oct 1909Northamptonshire, England I2507 Nrthn 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 1857, Thomas William  1857Northamptonshire, England I5381 Surry 
2 Adams, Elizabeth  1915Northamptonshire, England I3971 Nrthn 
3 Batten, Charles Henry  30 Oct 1918Northamptonshire, England I1844 Nrthn 
4 Beech, Phoebe  1883Northamptonshire, England I2372 Nrthn 
5 Braines, William Horace  1970Northamptonshire, England I811 Nrthn 
6 Bullimore, George  Mar 1907Northamptonshire, England I2596 Nrthn 
7 Bullimore, Phoebe  Sep 1861Northamptonshire, England I2593 Nrthn 
8 Chapman, Daniel  1868Northamptonshire, England I2643 Nrthn 
9 Chapman, Frederic  1925Northamptonshire, England I2651 Nrthn 
10 Douglas, Elizabeth  1927Northamptonshire, England I2390 Nrthn 
11 Evans, John Everett  1975Northamptonshire, England I2408 Nrthn 
12 Fitzhugh, Louis  1943Northamptonshire, England I2567 Nrthn 
13 Gayton, Harry  1932Northamptonshire, England I2569 Nrthn 
14 Haines, John  1677Northamptonshire, England I19530 USA 
15 Harris, Phoebe T  1883Northamptonshire, England I2611 Nrthn 
16 Humphries, Eva Edith  1980Northamptonshire, England I2763 Nrthn 
17 Humphries, Gertrude Louisa  1993Northamptonshire, England I2766 Nrthn 
18 Leatherland, Alfred  2 Mar 1931Northamptonshire, England I2332 Nrthn 
19 Leatherland, Anthony  13 Oct 1971Northamptonshire, England I2351 Nrthn 
20 Leatherland, John  19 Oct 2007Northamptonshire, England I1873 Nrthn 
21 Marshall, Olive E  6 Apr 1990Northamptonshire, England I690 Nrthn 
22 Mead, Mary Elizabeth  1916Northamptonshire, England I4122 Nrthn 
23 Munns, Everett John  1980Northamptonshire, England I2502 Nrthn 
24 Oliver, Jabez  Mar 1936Northamptonshire, England I3015 Nrthn 
25 Oliver, John  Dec 1921Northamptonshire, England I3016 Nrthn 
26 Oliver, Matthew  1 Mar 1906Northamptonshire, England I3009 Nrthn 
27 Pickford, Ann Stevenson  1952Northamptonshire, England I3792 Nrthn 
28 Pinner, Lydia  Jun 1904Northamptonshire, England I3010 Nrthn 
29 Sawbridge, Albert Victor  1951Northamptonshire, England I2877 Nrthn 
30 Sawbridge, Beatrice Emily Violet  1973Northamptonshire, England I2878 Nrthn 
31 Sawbridge, Frederick George  1955Northamptonshire, England I2874 Nrthn 
32 Sawbridge, Hilda Annie Maud  1981Northamptonshire, England I2880 Nrthn 
33 Sawbridge, Thomas William  1942Northamptonshire, England I2627 Nrthn 
34 Stones, Emma Jane  1948Northamptonshire, England I2630 Nrthn 
35 Whiting, Albert George  DECEASEDNorthamptonshire, England I275 Nrthn 
36 Whiting, Elizabeth  1910Northamptonshire, England I3203 Nrthn 
37 Whiting, Elsie Miriam Elizabeth  1969Northamptonshire, England I3897 Nrthn 
38 Whiting, Frederick Thomas  1965Northamptonshire, England I2807 Nrthn 
39 Whiting, James  1833Northamptonshire, England I3256 Nrthn 
40 Whiting, John  13 Jun 1752Northamptonshire, England I1427 Nrthn 
41 Whiting, John  13 Jun 1752Northamptonshire, England I30906 USA 
42 Whiting, John  Bef 16 Feb 1778Northamptonshire, England I4376 Nrthn 
43 Whiting, Lillian Veronica  25 Aug 1993Northamptonshire, England I3803 Nrthn 
44 Whiting, Mary Eliza  11 May 1927Northamptonshire, England I2477 Nrthn 
45 Whiting, Smith  1855Northamptonshire, England I3871 Nrthn 
46 Whiting, Walter Isaac  9 Mar 1961Northamptonshire, England I1762 Nrthn 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mead, Florence May  3 Jun 1982Northamptonshire, England I4117 Nrthn 
2 Wheatly, George Edward  6 Jun 1961Northamptonshire, England I2694 Nrthn 
3 Whiting, Richard Lee  10 Mar 1836Northamptonshire, England I613 Nrthn 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   25 Aug 1700Northamptonshire, England F852 York 
2 Burke / Hastings  23 Jun 1634Northamptonshire, England F8394 USA 
3 Croft / Clarke  Sep 1905Northamptonshire, England F1056 Nrthn 
4 Lord / Bird  23 Feb 1610Northamptonshire, England F458 Nrthn 
5 Makepeace / Washington  1562Northamptonshire, England F7986 USA 
6 Parker / Tresham  1589Northamptonshire, England F446 Nrthn 
7 Whiting /   Abt 1575Northamptonshire, England F534 Nrthn 
8 Whiting /   Abt 1575Northamptonshire, England F412 Sufflk 
9 Whiting /   Abt 1575Northamptonshire, England F5782 USA 
10 Whiting / Edwins  25 Aug 1700Northamptonshire, England F482 Nrthn 
11 Whiting / Edwins  25 Aug 1700Northamptonshire, England F10027 USA 
12 Whiting / Shipham  Abt 1605Northamptonshire, England F531 Nrthn 
13 Whiting / Shipham  Abt 1605Northamptonshire, England F410 Sufflk 
14 Whiting / Shipham  Abt 1605Northamptonshire, England F6856 USA 
15 Whiting / Williams  1934Northamptonshire, England F802 Nrthn 
16 Wright / Sawbridge  1918Northamptonshire, England F922 Nrthn