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Massachusetts, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abigail H  1815Massachusetts, United States I12447 USA 
2 Alma L  1883Massachusetts, United States I9228 USA 
3 Alvira  1840Massachusetts, United States I13032 USA 
4 Amanda K  Nov 1856Massachusetts, United States I14859 USA 
5 Ann Sumner  25 May 1795Massachusetts, United States I15734 USA 
6 Anna E.  1842Massachusetts, United States I11469 USA 
7 Austin Or Austis  1798Massachusetts, United States I13417 USA 
8 Beatrice  1906Massachusetts, United States I24012 USA 
9 Bertha D.  Nov 1877Massachusetts, United States I1185 USA 
10 Betsy  1792Massachusetts, United States I1021 USA 
11 Clara M  Apr 1853Massachusetts, United States I9554 USA 
12 Elitina  1855Massachusetts, United States I8471 USA 
13 Elizabeth  15 Apr 1741Massachusetts, United States I13462 USA 
14 Ellen J  1874Massachusetts, United States I9628 USA 
15 Flora P  1894Massachusetts, United States I9579 USA 
16 Hannah  Abt 1730Massachusetts, United States I14679 USA 
17 Hannah  1802Massachusetts, United States I8804 USA 
18 Irene A  Feb 1846Massachusetts, United States I24092 USA 
19 Isabel  1855Massachusetts, United States I13005 USA 
20 Lillian L  Jun 1866Massachusetts, United States I9551 USA 
21 Lucy  23 Apr 1791Massachusetts, United States I14730 USA 
22 Lucy A  1840Massachusetts, United States I9798 USA 
23 M P  1830Massachusetts, United States I25446 USA 
24 Maria H  1834Massachusetts, United States I3409 USA 
25 Mary B  1845Massachusetts, United States I5305 USA 
26 Mary E.  1840Massachusetts, United States I128 USA 
27 Mary Emily  1842Massachusetts, United States I3866 USA 
28 Moneilla A.  1881Massachusetts, United States I8990 USA 
29 Mrs.  1828Massachusetts, United States I25448 USA 
30 Nellie  Nov 1867Massachusetts, United States I9574 USA 
31 Phebe  1816Massachusetts, United States I8757 USA 
32 Rebecca  1643Massachusetts, United States I22414 USA 
33 Rebecca J.  1841Massachusetts, United States I8776 USA 
34 Rhoda  1799Massachusetts, United States I11105 USA 
35 Rhoda  1823Massachusetts, United States I3892 USA 
36 Ruth  1644Massachusetts, United States I20360 USA 
37 Samuel  11 Oct 1746Massachusetts, United States I13463 USA 
38 Sarah  1613Massachusetts, United States I21012 USA 
39 Sarah F Alger  1858Massachusetts, United States I9809 USA 
40 Sarah J  Jun 1867Massachusetts, United States I9231 USA 
41 Aldrich, Amasa  1786Massachusetts, United States I1328 USA 
42 Alexander, Mary Jane  1837Massachusetts, United States I31544 USA 
43 Anderson, Mary E.  1855Massachusetts, United States I24098 USA 
44 Bacon, Thomas  Abt 1770Massachusetts, United States I15722 USA 
45 Bagley, Catherine Coney  7 Feb 1836Massachusetts, United States I1446 USA 
46 Baker, John  Abt 1682Massachusetts, United States I15917 USA 
47 Baker, Joseph  1730Massachusetts, United States I14617 USA 
48 Baker, Seth  Abt 1728Massachusetts, United States I15931 USA 
49 Balch, Chloe Smith  20 Sep 1829Massachusetts, United States I15751 USA 
50 Balch, Clarissa Smith  18 May 1831Massachusetts, United States I15749 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Browne, James  1633Massachusetts, United States I20211 USA 
2 Curtis, Michal  16 Jun 1786Massachusetts, United States I13068 USA 
3 Fairbanks, Hellen Eliza  Massachusetts, United States I1494 USA 
4 Graves, Mary  19 Oct 1733Massachusetts, United States I14386 USA 
5 Hayward, Deborah  1683Massachusetts, United States I21801 USA 
6 Tillotson, Samuel  1765Massachusetts, United States I17491 USA 
7 Warriner, James  Massachusetts, United States I20673 USA 
8 Whiting, Amelia  1836Massachusetts, United States I5323 USA 
9 Whiting, Ann  1698Massachusetts, United States I25599 USA 
10 Whiting, Caleb  3 Aug 1729Massachusetts, United States I8219 USA 
11 Whiting, Edwin  1810Massachusetts, United States I6577 USA 
12 Whiting, William  Massachusetts, United States I4663 USA 
13 Winter, Hannah  22 Jun 1690Massachusetts, United States I21662 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elias  3 May 1775Massachusetts, United States I4799 USA 
2 Hanna  Abt 1752Massachusetts, United States I15482 USA 
3 Sarah Ann  1838Massachusetts, United States I29150 USA 
4 Avery, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1746Massachusetts, United States I17105 USA 
5 Axtell, Thomas  28 May 1798Massachusetts, United States I20327 USA 
6 Baldwin, Susanna  1731Massachusetts, United States I28092 USA 
7 Bliss, Hattie Walker  5 May 1922Massachusetts, United States I3910 USA 
8 Colburn, Elizabeth  Abt 1797Massachusetts, United States I15942 USA 
9 Conant, Bethia  4 Dec 1759Massachusetts, United States I31611 USA 
10 Conant, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1674Massachusetts, United States I31622 USA 
11 Damon, Charles Edgar  Massachusetts, United States I9113 USA 
12 Damon, Maude Chamberlin  1918Massachusetts, United States I9115 USA 
13 Emery, Sarah Seaman  27 Jul 1855Massachusetts, United States I1011 USA 
14 Fairbanks, John Jr  28 Nov 1795Massachusetts, United States I1389 USA 
15 Fairbanks, Stephen  Jan 1965Massachusetts, United States I3821 USA 
16 Fales, Unity or Eunaty  9 Dec 1883Massachusetts, United States I4608 USA 
17 Farrington, Nathaniel  8 May 1723Massachusetts, United States I1070 USA 
18 Graves, Mary  Abt 1777Massachusetts, United States I14386 USA 
19 Hallet, Giddeon  1874Massachusetts, United States I3909 USA 
20 Hamlet, Stella Frances  Massachusetts, United States I1686 USA 
21 Hayward, Deborah  Aft Aug 1713Massachusetts, United States I21801 USA 
22 Hervey, Charlotte A  Oct 1965Massachusetts, United States I2247 Nrthn 
23 Howland, Lydia  11 Jan 1710Massachusetts, United States I19869 USA 
24 Keeler, Marston  Mar 1907Massachusetts, United States I29127 USA 
25 Landon, Elizabeth  12 May 1751Massachusetts, United States I25633 USA 
26 Longley, Sarah  Massachusetts, United States I23081 USA 
27 Makepeace, Hannah  Massachusetts, United States I20507 USA 
28 Marsh, Mabel Louise  30 May 1887Massachusetts, United States I1685 USA 
29 Marshall, Ruth  16 Mar 1737Massachusetts, United States I22393 USA 
30 Mayhew, Emma  22 Apr 1947Massachusetts, United States I18268 USA 
31 Merriam, Susan  2 Feb 1707Massachusetts, United States I20485 USA 
32 Moore, Mrs. Francis  Massachusetts, United States I19848 USA 
33 Moores, Martha  Massachusetts, United States I19840 USA 
34 Newhall, Elisha  Feb 1687Massachusetts, United States I21135 USA 
35 Newhall, John  20 Jan 1738Massachusetts, United States I21139 USA 
36 Newhall, Joseph  30 Jan 1706Massachusetts, United States I21138 USA 
37 Newhall, Nathaniel  23 Dec 1695Massachusetts, United States I21137 USA 
38 Pond, Ephraim  11 Feb 1746/1747Massachusetts, United States I25475 USA 
39 Potter, Charlotte Anne  12 Oct 1927Massachusetts, United States I41871 USA 
40 Potter, John B  1 Jan 1884Massachusetts, United States I44003 USA 
41 Preston, Anna  31 Jul 1820Massachusetts, United States I27384 USA 
42 Prince, Martha M .  10 Feb 1905Massachusetts, United States I12993 USA 
43 Proctor, Lyman Elliott  Oct 1963Massachusetts, United States I13781 USA 
44 Proctor, William Albert  Feb 1963Massachusetts, United States I13783 USA 
45 Ransom, Mercy  3 Aug 1697Massachusetts, United States I20227 USA 
46 Richardson, Josiah  9 Aug 1861Massachusetts, United States I27831 USA 
47 Richardson, Paul  22 Aug 1988Massachusetts, United States I27817 USA 
48 Richardson, Persis  14 Oct 1860Massachusetts, United States I27835 USA 
49 Riggs, Thomas  26 Feb 1722Massachusetts, United States I27459 USA 
50 Roberts, Maria A  15 Dec 1866Massachusetts, United States I24969 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Cornelius  1701Massachusetts, United States I20563 USA 
2 Conant, Mary  Bef 1685Massachusetts, United States I31633 USA 
3 Cutler, Abigail  Jun 1717Massachusetts, United States I21403 USA 
4 Fales, Clarissa  Massachusetts, United States I15959 USA 
5 Howland, Lydia  Massachusetts, United States I19869 USA 
6 Merriam, Joseph  Apr 1677Massachusetts, United States I21407 USA 
7 Merriam, Mary  Aug 1646Massachusetts, United States I20480 USA 
8 Merriam, Robert  Feb 1719Massachusetts, United States I21402 USA 
9 Merriam, Susan  Feb 1707Massachusetts, United States I20485 USA 
10 Newhall, Elisha  Feb 1687Massachusetts, United States I21135 USA 
11 Paine, Robert Treat  11 May 1814Massachusetts, United States I27087 USA 
12 Peck, Patronella  Sep 1757Massachusetts, United States I15650 USA 
13 Richardson, Hannah  Massachusetts, United States I27441 USA 
14 Scant, Joanna Searle or  Massachusetts, United States I20012 USA 
15 Webster, John  Aug 1728Massachusetts, United States I5554 USA 
16 Whiting, Abigail  Est Oct 1721Massachusetts, United States I1298 USA 

Pub Svc

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pub Svc    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wright, Thomas  Massachusetts, United States I27644 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Abt 1894Massachusetts, United States F278 USA 
2 Aldrich /   1699Massachusetts, United States F7712 USA 
3 Austin / Whiting  17 Feb 1857Massachusetts, United States F434 USA 
4 Axtell / Leonard  1660Massachusetts, United States F7378 USA 
5 Axtell / Parker  1693Massachusetts, United States F7375 USA 
6 Axtell / Pratt  12 May 1702Massachusetts, United States F7376 USA 
7 Baker / Whiting  1701Massachusetts, United States F1393 USA 
8 Barker / Harod  10 Oct 1704Massachusetts, United States F7318 USA 
9 Barker / Shepard  1689Massachusetts, United States F7319 USA 
10 Barnes / Blood  1807Massachusetts, United States F8468 USA 
11 Bliss / Warriner  1692Massachusetts, United States F7117 USA 
12 Bond / Spring  1 Mar 1765Massachusetts, United States F7063 USA 
13 Briggs / Church  25 Sep 1713Massachusetts, United States F7836 USA 
14 Brown / Chase  1753Massachusetts, United States F7219 USA 
15 Brown / Greeley  Apr 1910Massachusetts, United States F2157 USA 
16 Brown / Hurd  5 Jul 1930Massachusetts, United States F4896 USA 
17 Brown / Whiting  4 Jun 1884Massachusetts, United States F4889 USA 
18 Bullard / Whiting  Aft 1806Massachusetts, United States F1753 USA 
19 Burroughs / Church  8 Dec 1674Massachusetts, United States F7834 USA 
20 Cady /   1680Massachusetts, United States F7864 USA 
21 Church /   1660Massachusetts, United States F7823 USA 
22 Codding / Kent  Abt 1850Massachusetts, United States F5000 USA 
23 Cox / Cooper  16 Nov 1768Massachusetts, United States F8544 USA 
24 Cox / Hussey  16 Feb 1775Massachusetts, United States F8545 USA 
25 Cox / Swain  1779Massachusetts, United States F8547 USA 
26 Crispe / Goff  1652Massachusetts, United States F8437 USA 
27 Davis / Whiting  Abt 1890Massachusetts, United States F5695 USA 
28 Deland / Frothingham  Abt 1707Massachusetts, United States F8682 USA 
29 Eire / Starr  1652Massachusetts, United States F7348 USA 
30 Elliot / Willet  1663Massachusetts, United States F7779 USA 
31 Fairbanks / Bagley  17 Dec 1870Massachusetts, United States F913 USA 
32 Fairbanks / Fisher  Abt 1750Massachusetts, United States F910 USA 
33 Fisher / Fairbanks  8 Feb 1810Massachusetts, United States F1114 USA 
34 Ford / Ford  1624Massachusetts, United States F7866 USA 
35 Foster / Whiting  1908Massachusetts, United States F3966 USA 
36 Gavil / Whiting  1910Massachusetts, United States F4317 USA 
37 Goodenow /   1630Massachusetts, United States F7112 USA 
38 Gove / Merriam  1675Massachusetts, United States F7364 USA 
39 Greeley / Whiting  1889Massachusetts, United States F2156 USA 
40 Hale / Axtell  1665Massachusetts, United States F6905 USA 
41 Hallet / Whiting  Abt 1835Massachusetts, United States F1871 USA 
42 Hastings / Cook  1651Massachusetts, United States F7422 USA 
43 Hayward / Tomkin  6 May 1708Massachusetts, United States F7032 USA 
44 Holden / Cresse  Abt 1710Massachusetts, United States F8576 USA 
45 Holmes / Cole  1664Massachusetts, United States F7596 USA 
46 Ingerson / Newhall  8 Jan 1696Massachusetts, United States F7679 USA 
47 Innes / Proctor  1892Massachusetts, United States F5670 USA 
48 Jillson / Whiting  Abt 1802Massachusetts, United States F5777 USA 
49 Kidder / Cary  1 Jun 1724Massachusetts, United States F7696 USA 
50 Manley / Leonard  4 Apr 1702Massachusetts, United States F6946 USA 

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