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Malford, Worcestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Babcock, James  1643Malford, Worcestershire, England I20395
2 Bancroft, Elizabeth  1649Malford, Worcestershire, England I21039
3 Brown, Abraham  1642Malford, Worcestershire, England I21989
4 Brown, Anthony  1630Malford, Worcestershire, England I21636
5 Brown, Cornelius  1632Malford, Worcestershire, England I20563
6 Brown, Edward  15 Aug 1640Malford, Worcestershire, England I20560
7 Brown, Elizabeth  10 Dec 1647Malford, Worcestershire, England I20964
8 Brown, Ephraim  1648Malford, Worcestershire, England I21877
9 Brown, Jane  1645Malford, Worcestershire, England I20965
10 Brown, Captain John  1634Malford, Worcestershire, England I20561
11 Brown, Joseph  10 Dec 1647Malford, Worcestershire, England I20960
12 Brown, Josiah  1630Malford, Worcestershire, England I20564
13 Brown, Mary  1653Malford, Worcestershire, England I20944
14 Brown, Sarah  28 Jun 1650Malford, Worcestershire, England I20945
15 Brown, Thomas  1628Malford, Worcestershire, England I19991
16 Brown, William  1638Malford, Worcestershire, England I21991
17 Buckley, Elizabeth  1636Malford, Worcestershire, England I21526
18 Burnap, Robert  1646Malford, Worcestershire, England I21879
19 Burnett, Sarah  1634Malford, Worcestershire, England I21885
20 Dix, Sarah  1642Malford, Worcestershire, England I20129
21 Fellows, Mary  1632Malford, Worcestershire, England I20126
22 Fiske, Ann  1636Malford, Worcestershire, England I20128
23 Foster, Joseph  1646Malford, Worcestershire, England I21878
24 Lamson, Sarah  1634Malford, Worcestershire, England I20127
25 Leids, Elizabeth  1603Malford, Worcestershire, England I19996
26 Parker, Hananiah  1645Malford, Worcestershire, England I21038
27 Sprague, Rebecca  1636Malford, Worcestershire, England I21527
28 Upham, Thomas  1634Malford, Worcestershire, England I21065


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Babcock / Brown  1663Malford, Worcestershire, England F7374
2 Brown / Bancroft  26 May 1674Malford, Worcestershire, England F7609
3 Brown / Brown  1668Malford, Worcestershire, England F7607
4 Brown / Buckley  29 Mar 1682Malford, Worcestershire, England F7428
5 Brown / Burnett  1657Malford, Worcestershire, England F7431
6 Brown / Dix  21 Jul 1679Malford, Worcestershire, England F7180
7 Brown / Fiske  30 May 1677Malford, Worcestershire, England F7179
8 Brown / Lamson  6 Mar 1665Malford, Worcestershire, England F7178
9 Brown / Sprague  24 Jun 1697Malford, Worcestershire, England F7429
10 Foster / Brown  1668Malford, Worcestershire, England F7605
11 Parker / Brown  1683Malford, Worcestershire, England F7610
12 Upham / Brown  1656Malford, Worcestershire, England F7604