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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartlett, Ensign Thomas  30 Nov 1607London, England I22388 USA 
2 Batten, Charles Henry  1851London, England I1844 Nrthn 
3 Bayliss, Alfred Charles William  1932London, England I5414 Surry 
4 Brown, Albert Victor  Oct 1909London, England I2789 Nrthn 
5 Brown, Edward George  Jan 1911London, England I2790 Nrthn 
6 Drawbridge, William  1854London, England I2742 Nrthn 
7 Evans, Stanley R  12 Mar 1890London, England I3350 Nrthn 
8 Hatton, Dora  1911London, England I2797 York 
9 Hatton, Frank  1907London, England I2796 York 
10 Hornblower, Edward Thomas  1828London, England I4836 USA 
11 Jackson, Daisy Annie  10 Jul 1908London, England I4418 York 
12 James, Lily Florence  1909London, England I2291 Nrthn 
13 James, Sydney Shettle  1906London, England I2290 Nrthn 
14 Lego, Sarah  1881London, England I31901 USA 
15 Lego, Stanley  1892London, England I31899 USA 
16 Locke, Joan  15 Dec 1918London, England I5077 Surry 
17 Orchard, George N  1889London, England I4508 Sufflk 
18 Randolph, Jane  9 Feb 1720London, England I25050 USA 
19 Swain, Arthur  1858London, England I31896 USA 
20 Wall, Frances Amelia  26 Jan 1912London, England I2491 Nrthn 
21 Wallis, Doris May  10 Jul 1901London, England I4275 York 
22 White, Edith Ellen  1 Sep 1893London, England I5322 Surry 
23 Whiting, Dorothy  1905London, England I1166 Nrthn 
24 Whiting, Eric William  1903London, England I29645 USA 
25 Whiting, Hilda May  16 Oct 1895London, England I3366 York 
26 Whiting, Thomas  London, England I1529 Sufflk 
27 Wood, Emily  1847London, England I3680 Nrthn 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beavan, Frank Charles  25 Jun 2007London, England I1741 Surry 
2 Brazier, Rachel  1943London, England I3403 York 
3 Collins, Mary Ann  Bef 1881London, England I5019 Surry 
4 Davies, Edward Ernest  19 Oct 1953London, England I3853 Sufflk 
5 Downey, May Caroline  16 Dec 1916London, England I3768 Sufflk 
6 Eaton, Drusilla  Mar 1923London, England I822 Nrthn 
7 Harriott, Laura  1897London, England I2080 Surry 
8 Heather, Albert Edwin  11 Dec 1951London, England I3410 Sufflk 
9 Jarrold, Elsie Lamont  31 Mar 1958London, England I3987 Sufflk 
10 Jarrold, Leonard Hubert  27 Aug 1943London, England I3999 Sufflk 
11 Mann, Eliza  Dec 1898London, England I926 Surry 
12 May, Leonard William  1 Jun 1985London, England I3997 Sufflk 
13 Whiting, Edith Mary  9 Jun 1977London, England I3427 York 
14 Whiting, Eliza  Dec 1898London, England I396 Surry 
15 Whiting, Ethel Florence  27 Dec 1951London, England I3401 Sufflk 
16 Whiting, John Robert  16 Jun 1963London, England I3936 Nrthn 
17 Whiting, Kathleen  9 Aug 1966London, England I4057 Sufflk 
18 Whiting, William  Abt 1699London, England I5402 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Downey, May Caroline  16 Dec 1916London, England I3795 Sufflk 
2 Downey, Timothy  14 May 1929London, England I3765 Sufflk 
3 Downey, William Timothy  11 Jun 1936London, England I3769 Sufflk 
4 Harber, William  11 Dec 1901London, England I3114 Sufflk 
5 Parker, William  1684London, England I1807 York 
6 Slade, Hannah Louise  13 Jan 1915London, England I3823 Sufflk 
7 Whiting, Carolina Eliza  20 Jul 1939London, England I3762 Sufflk 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balfour, Mary Catherine  30 Nov 1922London, England I4475 Surry 
2 Baxendale, Edward Frank  22 Jun 1953London, England I3454 Surry 
3 Brydon, Gordon Murray  8 Jun 1940London, England I4552 Surry 
4 Brydon, Margaret Isabel  7 May 1931London, England I4344 Surry 
5 Flower, Richard Evelyne  7 May 1931London, England I4581 Surry 
6 Fullick, Joseph Ernest  25 Oct 1935London, England I3239 Surry 
7 Gingell, Leonard Edwin  26 Dec 1913London, England I3273 Surry 
8 Godwin, Robert Edward  4 Jun 1952London, England I3696 Surry 
9 Goff, Frederick John  20 Jul 1929London, England I1795 Surry 
10 Locke, Violet Katie  30 Jun 1915London, England I5064 Surry 

Award (Retirement)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Award (Retirement)    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goff, George Bertram James  9 Jul 1940London, England I1870 Surry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beavon, Mabel Lily  23 Jan 1926London, England I4691 Surry 
2 Brydon, Margaret Isabel  7 Aug 1931London, England I4344 Surry 
3 Burggraeve, Bertha Helene  28 Feb 1924London, England I3805 Surry 
4 Durrant, Esther Elizabeth  21 Sep 1841London, England I4359 Surry 
5 Gingell, Leonard Edwin  20 Jan 1927London, England I3273 Surry 
6 Godwin, Robert Edward  3 Sep 1954London, England I3696 Surry 
7 Keys, Harold Lewis  29 Jul 1960London, England I4446 Surry 
8 Morgan-Owen, Marjorie Gem  3 Sep 1954London, England I3723 Surry 
9 Parker, Mabel Edith  13 Dec 1929London, England I2925 Surry 
10 Schmitt, Edith Laura  26 Oct 1939London, England I4268 Surry 
11 Turner, Anne Gertrude  30 Oct 1952London, England I4614 Surry 
12 Whiting, Odette  28 Feb 1924London, England I3808 Surry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goff, John Bertram  18 Jul 1956London, England I1836 Surry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bone, Kezia  25 Jun 1874London, England I4353 Surry 
2 Newport, Samuel  1 May 1842London, England I442 Surry 
3 Webley, John  3 May 1861London, England I3908 Surry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   1867London, England F392 Surry 
2 Belcher / Whiting  1867London, England F1931 Surry 
3 Bilbow / Whiting  1920London, England F1786 Surry 
4 Hay / Whiting  8 Jul 1901London, England F454 USA 
5 Parker / Hodgkins  1656London, England F683 York 
6 Whiting / Ambrose  1945London, England F1774 Surry 
7 Whiting / Thurgood  Jun 1617London, England F554 Nrthn 
8 Whiting / Thurgood  Jun 1617London, England F417 Sufflk 
9 Whiting / Thurgood  Jun 1617London, England F6864 USA