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Indiana, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  1844Indiana, United States I31073
2 Drusella  1856/1857Indiana, United States I5751
3 Indiana  1825Indiana, United States I2331
4 Louisa  1895Indiana, United States I18240
5 Louisa J  May 1858Indiana, United States I4997
6 Lurena  1836Indiana, United States I13811
7 Mary  1838Indiana, United States I5233
8 Myrtle  1903Indiana, United States I24311
9 Pauline  1834Indiana, United States I1944
10 Alcorn, Sara Elizabeth  Jul 1861Indiana, United States I27813
11 Baker, Mary  Abt 1839Indiana, United States I5947
12 Baker, Sarah  Abt 1837Indiana, United States I5946
13 Barnett, George W.  1843/1844Indiana, United States I5815
14 Blair, Jane  1826Indiana, United States I25522
15 Brelsford, Justina K.  Abt 1880Indiana, United States I6771
16 Burk, Asbury  Apr 1889Indiana, United States I30667
17 Burk, James M  1864Indiana, United States I17467
18 Burk, Phebe  Nov 1893Indiana, United States I30668
19 Burton, Alonzo  1877Indiana, United States I5868
20 Burton, Alonzo M  1871Indiana, United States I5875
21 Burton, Elizabeth A widow Fairbanks  5 Apr 1843Indiana, United States I2153
22 Burton, Elza  1872/1873Indiana, United States I5836
23 Burton, George S  1877/1878Indiana, United States I5838
24 Burton, James  Est 1875Indiana, United States I5867
25 Burton, John T  1863/1864Indiana, United States I5832
26 Burton, Linnie L  1877/1878Indiana, United States I5879
27 Burton, Mary A  1873Indiana, United States I5866
28 Burton, Mary R  1875Indiana, United States I5877
29 Burton, Minnie V  1868/1869Indiana, United States I5834
30 Burton, Oran E  1874/1875Indiana, United States I5837
31 Burton, Sarah A  1866/1867Indiana, United States I5833
32 Burton, Susanah E  1873Indiana, United States I5876
33 Burton, William A  1870/1871Indiana, United States I5835
34 Burton, William T  1872Indiana, United States I5865
35 Butler, Francis  1805Indiana, United States I15691
36 Butler, Susan E  Abt 1855Indiana, United States I5792
37 Chambers, Daisy May  14 May 1876Indiana, United States I5925
38 Cobb, Harvey  5 Jun 1845Indiana, United States I5736
39 Cobb, John C  1 Mar 1840Indiana, United States I5735
40 Cobb, Nancy  1832/1833Indiana, United States I5733
41 Cobb, Newton  19 Mar 1850Indiana, United States I5738
42 Cobb, Sophronia  1842/1843Indiana, United States I5788
43 Collingwood, Minerva J .  Feb 1842Indiana, United States I8566
44 Culley, Jane  1836Indiana, United States I5219
45 Davis, John Wesley  1851Indiana, United States I17356
46 Davis, Joseph Newton  1845Indiana, United States I17346
47 Fairbanks, Allie L  7 Nov 1864Indiana, United States I2262
48 Fairbanks, Annie  26 May 1861Indiana, United States I2260
49 Fairbanks, Davis B  24 Dec 1853Indiana, United States I2256
50 Fairbanks, John P  1859Indiana, United States I2079

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cobb, John C  8 May 1842Indiana, United States I5735
2 Cobb, Newton  23 Apr 1858Indiana, United States I5738
3 Elder, Mary M  6 Sep 1880Indiana, United States I5754
4 Fairbanks, Davis B  7 Oct 1854Indiana, United States I2256
5 Fairbanks, Mary B  7 Mar 1860Indiana, United States I2259
6 Hardy  Bef Dec 1835Indiana, United States I5673
7 Riggs, Katie Alice  Aft 1957Indiana, United States I5806
8 Whiting, Clement  22 Oct 1906Indiana, United States I5207
9 Whiting, Ida B  Indiana, United States I5099


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Est 1810Indiana, United States F2677
2 Barnett / Barnett  12 Mar 1872Indiana, United States F2725
3 Barnett / Boyd  15 Sep 1870Indiana, United States F2722
4 Barnett / Riggs  20 Apr 1840Indiana, United States F2723
5 Bertke / Lamparter  14 May 1934Indiana, United States F4743
6 Buehler / Murphy  1855Indiana, United States F8964
7 Burton / Clark  Est 1871Indiana, United States F2646
8 Garrigue / M  19 Feb 1882Indiana, United States F3054
9 Tremain / Butler  Abt 1876Indiana, United States F2701
10 Whiting /   Abt 1855Indiana, United States F2382
11 Whiting /   1860Indiana, United States F4944
12 Whiting /   1884Indiana, United States F2254
13 Whiting /   1907Indiana, United States F2142
14 Whiting /   1920Indiana, United States F1655