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Illinois, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda  1848Illinois, United States I11669
2 Anna  1878Illinois, United States I17483
3 Emma C  1838Illinois, United States I12166
4 Grace  1887Illinois, United States I3629
5 Ida  1863Illinois, United States I4724
6 Jean Francis  1899Illinois, United States I3347
7 Mabel A.  1884Illinois, United States I1108
8 Mabel C  1898Illinois, United States I12005
9 Arnott, Hermon J.  Oct 1872Illinois, United States I6127
10 Beach, Nellie E  Nov 1871Illinois, United States I11871
11 Bradley, Anna  1875Illinois, United states I14208
12 Brown, Martha  Nov 1857Illinois, United States I11873
13 Butler, Mary Ann  29 Mar 1846Illinois, United States I15542
14 Carr, Charles  Feb 1850Illinois, United States I11857
15 Chapple, Alice  1870Illinois, United States I5487
16 Cochran, Loyd E.  Jun 1870Illinois, United States I38530
17 Cochran, Sarah Betsey  1858Illinois, United States I32543
18 Corning, Elva Josephine  1857Illinois, United States I5480
19 Cutler, Joseph  Feb 1844Illinois, United States I18939
20 Delos Baker, Frank  22 Mar 1858Illinois, United States I14411
21 Edwards, Inez L  Apr 1881Illinois, United States I8286
22 Evans, James Henry  Aug 1863Illinois, United States I416
23 Fairbanks, Charles W  24 Jun 1855Illinois, United States I2257
24 Fewkes, Edwin Root  Aug 1872Illinois, United States I5050
25 Fewkes, Goldie Gertrude  2 Sep 1897Illinois, United States I5052
26 Fewkes, Lucille  Nov 1895Illinois, United States I5051
27 Franklin, Earl G  Jun 1864Illinois, United States I31177
28 Germann, Mary  1860Illinois, United States I4992
29 Graham, Guy E.  1872Illinois, United States I1226
30 Graves, Charles W.  1896Illinois, United States I511
31 Hollingsworth, Jerome  1857Illinois, United States I6194
32 Hoskins, Ruth Mabel  17 Dec 1907Illinois, United States I716
33 Howell, Elias Morgan  1850Illinois, United States I5055
34 Hupp, Lindley Martin  31 Oct 1872Illinois, United States I753
35 Ingersoll, Keoka V.  1850Illinois, United States I6095
36 Johannes, Clara  1885Illinois, United States I10759
37 Johnson, George Hart  1870Illinois, United States I280
38 Kales, Albert  Mar 1875Illinois, United states I14209
39 Kimball, Emaline  1856Illinois, United States I12859
40 Null, James  Abt 1846Illinois, United States I17487
41 Null, Rebecca E  Oct 1871Illinois, United States I17477
42 O'Connell, Ella M  Jan 1868Illinois, United States I6507
43 Parmenter, Allen M  Dec 1846Illinois, United States I8333
44 Reigle, Sarah  May 1862Illinois, United States I12766
45 Richardson, John Wesley  10 Mar 1882Illinois, United States I5634
46 Shallberg, Gustuvas Adolphus  6 Nov 1876Illinois, United States I11854
47 Smith, William E.  Jun 1848Illinois, United States I3058
48 Stewart, Darcus  1832Illinois, United States I5061
49 Stuckey, Margaret H .  25 May 1897Illinois, United States I8350
50 Sullivan, Thomas W.  Dec 1872Illinois, United States I5054

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bloom, Jennie  Bef 1910Illinois, United States I13111
2 Cochran, Myron G.  Illinois, United States I38448
3 Cochran, Sarah Betsey  1914Illinois, United States I32543
4 Fairbanks, Asa Dow  Aug 1962Illinois, United States I1988
5 Freeman, Charlotte  1921Illinois, United States I14324
6 Hersey, Betsey  9 Jan 1864Illinois, United States I28
7 Land, George W. , Jr  1932Illinois, United States I5033
8 Null, Rebecca E  Abt 1903Illinois, United States I17477
9 Tremain, Louisa  1904Illinois, United States I5675
10 Wade, Margaret E .  Aft 1910Illinois, United States I17488
11 Whiting, Frank S  Apr 1982Illinois, United States I140
12 Whiting, Pierce  3 Mar 1961Illinois, United States I8330
13 Whiting, Samuel Phelps  26 Mar 1907Illinois, United States I6520
14 Whiting, Truman  Illinois, United States I8366


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fryer / Whiting  Abt 1885Illinois, United States F744
2 Kales / Bradley  1900Illinois, United states F5757
3 Putnam / Whiting  1868Illinois, United States F3057
4 Sykes /   1907Illinois, United States F1782
5 Whiting /   1870Illinois, United States F5009
6 Whiting /   1892Illinois, United States F745
7 Whiting /   1906Illinois, United States F2395
8 Whiting / O'Connell  1885Illinois, United States F2989
9 Whiting / Ostrander  Abt 1866Illinois, United States F2428
10 Whiting / Taylor  1905Illinois, United States F6198