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Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abigail  1 Oct 1707Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19064 USA 
2 Abigail  14 Sep 1717Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25920 USA 
3 Abigail  1722/1723Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6254 USA 
4 Anna  30 Aug 1706Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19063 USA 
5 Ezekiel  1763Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28869 USA 
6 Hannah  Abt 1752Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26336 USA 
7 Hezekiah  Abt 1753Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28863 USA 
8 Jerusha  15 Mar 1710Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19065 USA 
9 Jonathan  Abt 1652Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26103 USA 
10 Jonathan  1765Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28871 USA 
11 Mygatt  Abt 1743Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26173 USA 
12 Nabby  Abt 1758Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25904 USA 
13 Richard  14 Jul 1811Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26928 USA 
14 Ruth  Abt 1755Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28866 USA 
15 Ruth  13 Sep 1757Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25875 USA 
16 Son  14 Sep 1698Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26385 USA 
17 Lord Unknown  1640Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23035 USA 
18 Babcock, Elizabeth  1652Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26165 USA 
19 Barber, Abigail  Abt 1680/1681Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I1855 York 
20 Barber, Abigail  Abt 1680/1681Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24360 USA 
21 Barber, Martha  Abt 1672Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I1854 York 
22 Barber, Martha  Abt 1672Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24359 USA 
23 Benton, Ebenezer  1782Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27157 USA 
24 Benton, George  Abt 1805Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27161 USA 
25 Benton, Jerusha  1776Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27156 USA 
26 Benton, Joseph  Abt 1807Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27162 USA 
27 Benton, Nathaniel S  Abt 1748Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26184 USA 
28 Bigelow, Elizabeth  Abt 1614Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27707 USA 
29 Bull, Aaron  23 Dec 1710Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25918 USA 
30 Bull, Caleb  13 Mar 1719Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25922 USA 
31 Bull, Sarah  Abt 1726Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26814 USA 
32 Butler, Ann  16 Nov 1745Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24556 USA 
33 Butler, John  1676Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I34408 USA 
34 Butler, Joseph  Abt 1668Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22849 USA 
35 Crow, Elisabeth  Abt 1632Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24150 USA 
36 Deming, Jacob  22 Mar 1696Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26031 USA 
37 Driggs, Elsie Belknap  5 Aug 1898Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24924 USA 
38 Edwards, Elizabeth  Abt 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26030 USA 
39 Flower, Dianah  22 Apr 1714Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26430 USA 
40 Flower, Lamrock  27 Jul 1719Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26432 USA 
41 Flowers, John  20 Feb 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26428 USA 
42 Graves, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24131 USA 
43 Graves, George  Abt 1676Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24130 USA 
44 Haynes, Mary  Abt 1667Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I29106 USA 
45 Haynes, Roger  1643Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19540 USA 
46 Haynes, Ruth  1639Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19541 USA 
47 Haynes, Sarah  Abt 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I29105 USA 
48 Hooker, Alice  12 Nov 1701Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22955 USA 
49 Hooker, Eunice  1739Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22949 USA 
50 Hooker, Horace  1738Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22948 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ezekiel  13 Nov 1763Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28869 USA 
2 Hezekiah  7 Jan 1753Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28863 USA 
3 Jonathan  20 Mar 1719Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27113 USA 
4 Jonathan  5 Oct 1765Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28871 USA 
5 Ruth  2 Nov 1755Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28866 USA 
6 Baker, Elizabeth  Jul 1692Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26429 USA 
7 Barnnard, Elizabeth  21 Oct 1621Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26138 USA 
8 Benton, Jerusha  1824Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27158 USA 
9 Benton, Lavinia  4 Jul 1824Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27165 USA 
10 Bull, Susanna  21 Apr 1723Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26813 USA 
11 Butler, Esther  30 May 1709Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I21144 USA 
12 Butler, Eunice  10 Feb 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25917 USA 
13 Cooke, Noah  14 Jun 1657Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25968 USA 
14 Fitch, Ensign Joseph  1 Nov 1730Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19076 USA 
15 Flower, Dianah  30 Jun 1714Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26430 USA 
16 Flower, John  31 Jul 1720Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26431 USA 
17 Flowers, John  7 Apr 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26428 USA 
18 Hooker, Abigail  1707Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22957 USA 
19 Hooker, Alice  16 Nov 1701Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22955 USA 
20 Hooker, Nathaniel  8 Oct 1710Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22946 USA 
21 King, Agnis  8 Oct 1677Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22953 USA 
22 Kirby, Mary  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27564 USA 
23 Merry, Cornelious  12 Mar 1740Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27222 USA 
24 Merry, John  Apr 1708Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27220 USA 
25 Mygatt, Elisha  7 Apr 1754Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26320 USA 
26 Mygatt, Jacob  9 May 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25722 USA 
27 Phelps, Mabel  4 Oct 1696Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26812 USA 
28 Saltonstall, Mary  5 May 1728Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I1113 USA 
29 Saltonstall, Sarah  3 Jan 1730Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19417 USA 
30 Seymour, Rebecca  29 Mar 1749Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25889 USA 
31 Seymour, Sarah  Jul 1750Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26363 USA 
32 Seymour, Zachariah  24 Sep 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25886 USA 
33 Skinner, * Mary  24 Mar 1727Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25869 USA 
34 Smith, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1690Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24263 USA 
35 Smith, Samuel  28 Mar 1686Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24260 USA 
36 Spencer, Ruth  1 Dec 1745Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27204 USA 
37 Stanley, Abigail  12 Dec 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25728 USA 
38 Stanley, Caleb  4 Nov 1739Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25730 USA 
39 Stanley, George  18 Oct 1741Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25731 USA 
40 Stedman, Abigail  23 Jan 1703/1704Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28348 USA 
41 Steele, James  1 May 1720Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25705 USA 
42 Steele, John  1759Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25876 USA 
43 Steele, Jonathan  9 Aug 1724Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25708 USA 
44 Steele, Joseph  30 Aug 1728Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25710 USA 
45 Steele, Mary  20 Mar 1687Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26932 USA 
46 Steele, Sarah  22 Jan 1715/1716Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25703 USA 
47 Talcott, Eunice  30 Jan 1709Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22947 USA 
48 Talcott, Mary  30 Jun 1697Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22978 USA 
49 Turner, Deliverance  11 Jan 1701/1702Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26207 USA 
50 Wadsworth, Daniel  4 Apr 1762Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28868 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashabel  20 Sep 1755Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25897 USA 
2 Hannah  14 Jan 1838Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26336 USA 
3 Hezekiah  18 Feb 1756Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28863 USA 
4 James  22 Nov 1817Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25874 USA 
5 Margaret  12 Sep 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24606 USA 
6 Ruth  Aug 1825Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25875 USA 
7 Allen, Elizabeth  6 Juni 1681Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26136 USA 
8 Bailey, London  11 Aug 1827Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28483 USA 
9 Benton, George  19 May 1823Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27154 USA 
10 Benton, Nathaniel S  29 Dec 1795Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26184 USA 
11 Bigelow, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1656/1657Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27707 USA 
12 Bull, Daniel  11 Nov 1776Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6297 USA 
13 Bull, David  8 Nov 1776Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25916 USA 
14 Bull, Sarah  12 Aug 1804Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26814 USA 
15 Butler, Elizabeth  1719Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I34403 USA 
16 Butler, Joseph  30 Aug 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22849 USA 
17 Deming, Frances  27 Oct 1691Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25809 USA 
18 Deming, Timothy  Sep 1777Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26032 USA 
19 Duck, Elizabeth  Aft 28 Feb 1666Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22860 USA 
20 Graves, George  3 Dec 1692Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24126 USA 
21 Hamlin, Giles  30 Mar 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27094 USA 
22 Haynes, John  25 Nov 1713Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I29107 USA 
23 Haynes, Ruth  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I19541 USA 
24 Hooker, Alice  1750Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22955 USA 
25 Hooker, Mary  27 Aug 1763Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22951 USA 
26 Kellogg, Abraham  13 Jan 1805Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26343 USA 
27 Kirby, Bethiah or Bithia  21 Nov 1700Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27571 USA 
28 Lord, Elisha  15 Apr 1725HARTFORD, HARTFORD, Connecticut I23025 USA 
29 Lord, Hope  11 Dec 1789Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I29113 USA 
30 Lord, Sarah  15 Nov 1705Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23032 USA 
31 Marsh, John , Jr.  28 Sep 1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26386 USA 
32 Mott, Dorothy  Abt 22 Sep 1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23010 USA 
33 Mygatt, Jacob  1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I5566 USA 
34 Seymour, (child)  Oct 1758Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25895 USA 
35 Seymour, Margaret  11 Oct 1758Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25898 USA 
36 Seymour, Zachariah  24 Aug 1777Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25886 USA 
37 Skinner, Deliverance  Bef 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26203 USA 
38 Skinner, John  15 Aug 1773Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26201 USA 
39 Smith, * Agnes  1667Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25769 USA 
40 Smith, Mary  17 May 1702Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I1880 York 
41 Steele, "Child"  18 Oct 1800Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26180 USA 
42 Steele, Ashbel  31 Oct 1793Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25903 USA 
43 Steele, Catharine  10 Nov 1815Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26183 USA 
44 Steele, Child  8 Jul 1767Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25909 USA 
45 Steele, John  1830Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25876 USA 
46 Steele, Joseph  2 Jul 1786Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25710 USA 
47 Steele, William  26 Aug 1803Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26182 USA 
48 Stone, Samuel  8 Oct 1683Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24585 USA 
49 Talcott, Helena  12 May 1702Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23008 USA 
50 Talcott, John Jr  DECEASEDHartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26123 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigelow, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1656/1657Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27707 USA 
2 Bull, Daniel  25 Nov 1721Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I5430 USA 
3 Butler, Richard Deacon  6 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22862 USA 
4 Duck, Elizabeth  Bef 7 May 1666Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22860 USA 
5 Flower, Dianah  Jul 1775Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26430 USA 
6 Gaylord, Alice  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26054 USA 
8 Mott, Dorothy  Feb 1669/1670Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23010 USA 
9 Seymour, (child)  11 Oct 1758Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25895 USA 
10 Shepard, John  14 Apr 1789Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27694 USA 
11 Smith, * Agnes  Jul 1655Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25769 USA 
12 Steele, Sarah  26 Mar 1754Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25703 USA 
13 Talcott, John  1653Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23004 USA 
14 Talcott, John Jr  1660Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I26123 USA 
15 Talcott, John  23 Jul 1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23016 USA 
16 Talcott, Mary  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I23013 USA 
17 Wadsworth, Elizabeth  1724Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22998 USA 
18 Wadsworth, John  23 Jul 1739Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22999 USA 
19 Waterman, Charles  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I28484 USA 
20 Watts, Richard  Dec 1655Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I22868 USA 
21 Webster, Lieutenant Robert  31 May 1676Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25772 USA 
22 Whiting, Elizabeth  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I25159 USA 
23 Whiting, Joseph  Nov 1725Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6041 USA 
24 Wright, Anne  Aug 1703Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27681 USA 
25 Wyllys, George  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I24110 USA 

Pub Svc

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pub Svc    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wright, Thomas  1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I27644 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Benton / Skinner  1775Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F6259 USA 
2 Bull / Phelps  Abt 1722Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F6237 USA 
3 Clark / Spencer  27 Mar 1822Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9314 USA 
4 Driggs / Whiting  Sep 1893Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F8998 USA 
5 Hooker / Talcott  1727Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F8400 USA 
6 Merry / Flower  20 Apr 1708Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F3019 USA 
7 Mygatt / Waters  Abt 1719Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F2630 USA 
8 Nichols / Clark  8 Nov 1854Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9315 USA 
9 Perkins / Benton  22 Sep 1801Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9302 USA 
10 Root / Steele  Abt 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9096 USA 
11 Thornton / Whiting  12 Feb 1701Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F2822 USA 
12 Turner / Nichols  2 May 1700Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9189 USA 
13 Wadsworth / Seymour  23Aug1728Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9519 USA 
14 Wadsworth / Talcott  1670Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F6249 USA 
15 Webster / Greenleaf  Abt 1778Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F9152 USA 
16 Whiting / Butler  25 Mar 1784Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F2799 USA 
17 Whiting / Lathrop  24 Jul 1757Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F2933 USA