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Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arkhill, George  1832Gloucestershire, England I500 Glstr 
2 Arkhill, Hannah  1835Gloucestershire, England I120 Glstr 
3 Arkhill, William  1831Gloucestershire, England I518 Glstr 
4 Barnes, William H  1852Gloucestershire, England I1462 Glstr 
5 Bradley, Mary  1776Gloucestershire, England I1556 Glstr 
6 Butcher, William  1807Gloucestershire, England I1437 Glstr 
7 Dix, Elizabeth  1829Gloucestershire, England I1565 Glstr 
8 Dix, Mary Ann  1835Gloucestershire, England I1790 Glstr 
9 Dix, William  1833Gloucestershire, England I1574 Glstr 
10 Pritchard, James  1831Gloucestershire, England I1441 Glstr 
11 Pritchard, Mary  1828Gloucestershire, England I1440 Glstr 
12 Pritchard, Sarah  1831Gloucestershire, England I1442 Glstr 
13 Pritchard, Westley  1795Gloucestershire, England I1438 Glstr 
14 Whiting, Eliza  1837Gloucestershire, England I1406 Glstr 
15 Whiting, Elizabeth  1832Gloucestershire, England I1405 Glstr 
16 Whiting, Emma  1831Gloucestershire, England I1434 Glstr 
17 Whiting, Emma  1831Gloucestershire, England I1419 Glstr 
18 Whiting, Gertrude  1870Gloucestershire, England I1426 Glstr 
19 Whiting, Jane  1867Gloucestershire, England I1412 Glstr 
20 Whiting, John  1786Gloucestershire, England I591 Glstr 
21 Whiting, Joseph T  1853Gloucestershire, England I1411 Glstr 
22 Whiting, Mary  1831Gloucestershire, England I1418 Glstr 
23 Whiting, Rosanah  1846Gloucestershire, England I1408 Glstr 
24 Whiting, Simeon Chas  1842Gloucestershire, England I1407 Glstr 
25 Whiting, Sophia  1849Gloucestershire, England I1409 Glstr 
26 Whiting, Thomas John  1869Gloucestershire, England I1423 Glstr 
27 Whiting, William  1825Gloucestershire, England I1400 Glstr 
28 Whiting, William  1827Gloucestershire, England I1402 Glstr 
29 Wyatt, Elizabeth  1801Gloucestershire, England I1439 Glstr 
30 Wyatt, Henery  1813Gloucestershire, England I1443 Glstr 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bradley, Mary  16 Nov 1864Gloucestershire, England I1556 Glstr 
2 Hanks, Frank  1982Gloucestershire, England I1002 Glstr 
3 Whiting, Henry William  1913Gloucestershire, England I457 Glstr 
4 Whiting, Isaac  Jul 1840Gloucestershire, England I1860 Glstr 
5 Whiting, Mary Jane  25 Mar 1938Gloucestershire, England I25 Glstr 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   25 Dec 1831Gloucestershire, England F236 Glstr 
2 Sallis / Whiting  1896Gloucestershire, England F376 Glstr 
3 Whiting / Hewes  1828Gloucestershire, England F494 Glstr