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Gloucester, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jane or Jenny  Abt 1764Gloucester, Virginia I25354 USA 
2 Hubard, James  Feb 1743Gloucester, Virginia I17375 USA 
3 Peyton, Ambrose  Abt 1672Gloucester, Virginia I25042 USA 
4 Seawell, Overton  1788Gloucester, Virginia I25362 USA 
5 Seawell, Sterling  1782Gloucester, Virginia I25360 USA 
6 Seawell, Washington  1798Gloucester, Virginia I25367 USA 
7 Seawellel, Benjamin C.  Abt 1796Gloucester, Virginia I25366 USA 
8 Thruston, Edward  12 Jul 1753Gloucester, Virginia I36724 USA 
9 Thruston, John  20 May 1750Gloucester, Virginia I44082 USA 
10 Thruston, Mildred  2 Oct 1756Gloucester, Virginia I36725 USA 
11 Thruston, Sarah  27 Apr 1743Gloucester, Virginia I44084 USA 
12 Washington, Whiting  1780Gloucester, Virginia I25120 USA 
13 Whiting, Beverley  1761Gloucester, Virginia I25278 USA 
14 Whiting, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1764Gloucester, Virginia I25279 USA 
15 Whiting, Lewis  22 Apr 1766Gloucester, Virginia I25280 USA 
16 Whiting, Peter  Abt 1756Gloucester, Virginia I25512 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Thruston / Buckner  1760Gloucester, Virginia F12633 USA 
2 Thruston / Whiting  13 Oct 1782Gloucester, Virginia F9043 USA 
3 Whiting / Cary  Abt 1714Gloucester, Virginia F9016 USA