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Connecticut, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada  1878Connecticut, United States I12391 USA 
2 Amanda  1808Connecticut, United States I13288 USA 
3 Annie  1872Connecticut, United States I11637 USA 
4 Ardelia  1838Connecticut, United States I11265 USA 
5 Clara  1823Connecticut, United States I5416 USA 
6 Elizabeth  1805Connecticut, United States I9705 USA 
7 Esther  1775Connecticut, United States I8478 USA 
8 Fanny  1804Connecticut, United States I11245 USA 
9 Gertruce  1873Connecticut, United States I8312 USA 
10 Harriet  1828Connecticut, United States I3316 USA 
11 Julia  1872Connecticut, United States I9773 USA 
12 Margaret A  1807Connecticut, United States I14496 USA 
13 Mary Jane  1841Connecticut, United States I11259 USA 
14 Sarah  1836Connecticut, United States I9781 USA 
15 Anderson, Russell  Abt 1790Connecticut, United States I6378 USA 
16 Atwood, Cassius Jay  15 Jun 1879Connecticut, United States I25851 USA 
17 Atwood, Frank Stanley  1881Connecticut, United States I25852 USA 
18 Atwood, Susie Mabel  1875Connecticut, United States I25849 USA 
19 Beach, Almeda  1797Connecticut, United States I117 USA 
20 Beddell, Cordelia  1807Connecticut, United States I11624 USA 
21 Benton, Abigail  1691Connecticut, United States I21034 USA 
22 Benton, Julia  8 Nov 1820Connecticut, United States I27164 USA 
23 Bristol, Gardner  1893Connecticut, United States I14098 USA 
24 Brown, Burton  12 Apr 1909Connecticut, United States I6244 USA 
25 Brown, Charles S.  19 Feb 1886Connecticut, United States I6224 USA 
26 Brown, Gladys  6 Jun 1904Connecticut, United States I6227 USA 
27 Brown, Helen Ruth  20 Jun 1908Connecticut, United States I6232 USA 
28 Brown, Susan G  1870Connecticut, United States I40718 USA 
29 Brown, William E  1900Connecticut, United States I19755 USA 
30 Brown Jr., James P.  1893Connecticut, United States I7387 USA 
31 Buddington, Sarah  1680Connecticut, United States I21960 USA 
32 Butler, Lydia  1780Connecticut, United States I15693 USA 
33 Campbell, Janet  16 Sep 1908Connecticut, United States I6200 USA 
34 Clapp, Mary  1713Connecticut, United States I14946 USA 
35 Clark, Grace Mitchel  1874Connecticut, United States I3916 USA 
36 Collins, Abigail  17 Jan 1778Connecticut, United States I19172 USA 
37 Conklin, Elizabeth  1785Connecticut, United States I818 USA 
38 Cummings, Lillian  11 Mar 1903Connecticut, United States I6201 USA 
39 Curtis, Elizabeth  1735Connecticut, United States I26873 USA 
40 Damon, Agnes Isabella  1863Connecticut, United States I8967 USA 
41 Danford, Ida D  Apr 1871Connecticut, United States I1156 USA 
42 Darrow, Franklin  1835Connecticut, United States I8307 USA 
43 Darrow, Iva Clarissa  1863Connecticut, United States I8309 USA 
44 Deming, Elizabeth  1836Connecticut, United States I11631 USA 
45 Deming, Grace  1687Connecticut, United States I26022 USA 
46 Deming, Margaret Ann  1815Connecticut, United States I12033 USA 
47 Dennison, Frances M  16 Jun 1825Connecticut, United States I11256 USA 
48 DeWolf, Mary  1760Connecticut, United States I9803 USA 
49 Dutton, Thomas  1806Connecticut, United States I14862 USA 
50 Ely, James S  1844Connecticut, United States I14066 USA 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Losee, Isaac Huff  1818Connecticut, United States I17543 USA 
2 Mason, Mary  1663Connecticut, United States I14302 USA 
3 Weed, Sarah  Connecticut, United States I14963 USA 
4 Wolcott, Peter  1706Connecticut, United States I28406 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Frank Hobart  1888Connecticut, United States I25848 USA 
2 Blague, Elijah  8 Apr 1762Connecticut, United States I28546 USA 
3 Brown, Charles S.  2 Mar 1956Connecticut, United States I6224 USA 
4 Brown, Helen Ruth  27 Sep 1924Connecticut, United States I6232 USA 
5 Burndish, Ruth  1745Connecticut, United States I10211 USA 
6 Clark, Col Simon  8 May 1804Connecticut, United States I27208 USA 
7 Colburn, Mary  1746Connecticut, United States I15926 USA 
8 Ely, Henry Gideon  7 Apr 1883Connecticut, United States I14061 USA 
9 French, Mary  24 Mar 1758Connecticut, United States I25825 USA 
10 Graves, Thomas  1695Connecticut, United States I24129 USA 
11 Hamblin, William  1775Connecticut, United States I28350 USA 
12 Hurlburt, Thomas  28 Apr 1861Connecticut, United States I6511 USA 
13 Kent, Abigail  17 Mar 1767Connecticut, United States I19228 USA 
14 Kimberly, Sarah  22 Dec 1758Connecticut, United States I24199 USA 
15 Kirby, Abigail  Connecticut, United States I27566 USA 
16 Lawson, Martha A.  7 Feb 1955Connecticut, United States I6231 USA 
17 Leffingwell, Lydia  6 Mar 1809Connecticut, United States I6315 USA 
18 Macomb, Eliza  2 Dec 1873Connecticut, United States I167 USA 
19 Sizer, Effie Nannette  INFANTConnecticut, United States I9730 USA 
20 Stone, Barbara  1651Connecticut, United States I24509 USA 
21 Whiting, Clara  27 Jan 1815Connecticut, United States I385 USA 
22 Whiting, Harriet B .  20 Jun 1885Connecticut, United States I18227 USA 
23 Whiton, Jael  Abt 1760Connecticut, United States I28188 USA 
24 Whiton, Joanna  22 Nov 1870Connecticut, United States I18377 USA 
25 Wright, Elizur  3 Dec 1787Connecticut, United States I24553 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allyn, Anna  Mar 1735Connecticut, United States I6054 USA 
2 Ferris, Benjamin  Connecticut, United States I14962 USA 
3 King, Jonathan  1774Connecticut, United States I25824 USA 
4 Lord, Jerusha  Oct 1776Connecticut, United States I6036 USA 
5 Stanley, Timothy  Connecticut, United States I25725 USA 
6 Whiting, Colonel John  Sep 1766Connecticut, United States I6037 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butler, Susannah  22 Jan 1762Connecticut, United States I6066 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bradley / Sadd  1870Connecticut, United States F4341 USA 
2 Bristol / Whiting  1922Connecticut, United States F4360 USA 
3 Brown / Lawson  1907Connecticut, United States F2900 USA 
4 Bryan / Mygatt  Aft 1659Connecticut, United States F2529 USA 
5 Clap /   5 Feb 1741Connecticut, United States F684 USA 
6 Darrow / Whiting  Abt 1860Connecticut, United States F3734 USA 
7 Fitch / Whiting  Abt 1700Connecticut, United States F668 USA 
8 Hale / Whiting  Abt 1771Connecticut, United States F650 USA 
9 Hurlburt / Whiting  Abt 1814Connecticut, United States F2987 USA 
10 Johnson / Whiting  7 Feb 1828Connecticut, United States F261 USA 
11 Montague / Benton  1715Connecticut, United States F7638 USA 
12 Murray / Way  23 Apr 1740Connecticut, United States F7951 USA 
13 Phelps / Whiting  Abt 1808Connecticut, United States F2985 USA 
14 Phelps / Whiting  Abt 1810Connecticut, United States F2986 USA 
15 Pierson / Brown  1671Connecticut, United States F7563 USA 
16 Ransom /   1780Connecticut, United States F7927 USA 
17 Shepard / Butler  Abt 1728Connecticut, United States F11254 USA 
18 Sizer /   Abt 1866Connecticut, United States F4361 USA 
19 Skinner / Whiting  Abt 1824Connecticut, United States F6408 USA 
20 Spencer / Whiting  Abt 1865Connecticut, United States F5474 USA 
21 Stanton / Denison  1660Connecticut, United States F8918 USA 
22 Starr / Gilford  24 Jun 1697Connecticut, United States F9487 USA 
23 Talcott / Deming  1 Apr 1701Connecticut, United States F9132 USA 
24 Westlake / Whiting  Connecticut, United States F217 USA 
25 Whiting /   28 Feb 1865Connecticut, United States F4873 USA 
26 Whiting / Betts  1803Connecticut, United States F642 USA 
27 Whiting / Coggesweld  Abt 1726Connecticut, United States F3725 USA 
28 Whiting / Danford  1888Connecticut, United States F690 USA 
29 Whiting / Draper  1857Connecticut, United States F547 USA 
30 Whiting / Hill  Abt 1801Connecticut, United States F2939 USA 
31 Whiting / Kilbourn  Abt 1814Connecticut, United States F5754 USA 
32 Whiting / Miller  14 Feb 1824Connecticut, United States F4410 USA 
33 Whiting / Morse  1845Connecticut, United States F2495 USA 
34 Whiting / Phillips  6 Jan 1851Connecticut, United States F4874 USA 
35 Whiting / Raymond  Abt 1805Connecticut, United States F4160 USA 
36 Whiting / Sherman  1833Connecticut, United States F546 USA 
37 Whiting / Tracy  Aft 1736Connecticut, United States F661 USA 
38 Whiting / Wilcox  9 Jan 1782Connecticut, United States F213 USA 
39 Whiting / William  21 May 1807Connecticut, United States F2158 USA 
40 Whiting / Young  1805Connecticut, United States F5273 USA 
41 Whiton / Deming  1856Connecticut, United States F5003 USA