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Bath, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bright, Elizabeth  1851Bath, Somerset, England I1015 Glstr 
2 Bull, Leslie Gordon  18 Aug 1907Bath, Somerset, England I30394 USA 
3 Burton, James  1864Bath, Somerset, England I29266 USA 
4 Clark, Winifred G  1898Bath, Somerset, England I30390 USA 
5 Davey, Thomas W  1900Bath, Somerset, England I30311 USA 
6 Flint, Ann  1848Bath, Somerset, England I4029 Nrthn 
7 Griffin, Emily Rosalind  1885Bath, Somerset, England I30369 USA 
8 Hallet, Theresa  1828Bath, Somerset, England I30241 USA 
9 Holley, Sarah Ellen  1865Bath, Somerset, England I30335 USA 
10 Kirkham, Emily Mary  1878Bath, Somerset, England I30326 USA 
11 Lang, Harry W G  1901Bath, Somerset, England I30318 USA 
12 Meddick, Agnes Rosina  1908Bath, Somerset, England I30385 USA 
13 Meddick, Albert Edward  1889Bath, Somerset, England I30370 USA 
14 Meddick, Alice  1887Bath, Somerset, England I30381 USA 
15 Meddick, Emily  1894Bath, Somerset, England I30383 USA 
16 Meddick, George  1891Bath, Somerset, England I30382 USA 
17 Meddick, Harry  1884Bath, Somerset, England I30380 USA 
18 Meddick, Herbert  1897Bath, Somerset, England I30384 USA 
19 Meddick, Mabel  1882Bath, Somerset, England I30379 USA 
20 Meddick, William George  1854Bath, Somerset, England I30377 USA 
21 Palmer, William E J  1894Bath, Somerset, England I30345 USA 
22 Ringham, Agnes Warner  1901Bath, Somerset, England I30375 USA 
23 Ringham, Alfred Daniel  1884Bath, Somerset, England I30359 USA 
24 Ringham, Alfred Stanley  13 Jun 1913Bath, Somerset, England I30611 USA 
25 Ringham, Dorothy Maud  1906Bath, Somerset, England I30363 USA 
26 Ringham, Elizabeth  1888Bath, Somerset, England I30361 USA 
27 Ringham, Ernest Edwin  1885Bath, Somerset, England I30360 USA 
28 Ringham, Frances Caroline  1898Bath, Somerset, England I30374 USA 
29 Ringham, Frank  1890Bath, Somerset, England I30362 USA 
30 Ringham, Frank Alister  30 Nov 1930Bath, Somerset, England I30388 USA 
31 Ringham, Frederick William  1904Bath, Somerset, England I30376 USA 
32 Ringham, Henry Charles  1879Bath, Somerset, England I30355 USA 
33 Ringham, Henry Forrester  1857Bath, Somerset, England I30354 USA 
34 Ringham, Henry Frederick  1904Bath, Somerset, England I30357 USA 
35 Ringham, Henry Richard  1894Bath, Somerset, England I30372 USA 
36 Ringham, Lilian Violet  1909Bath, Somerset, England I30364 USA 
37 Ringham, Rosalind Joy  3 Oct 1909Bath, Somerset, England I30368 USA 
38 Ringham, Sidney  1896Bath, Somerset, England I30373 USA 
39 Ringham, William  1880Bath, Somerset, England I30356 USA 
40 Ringham, William Daniel  Oct 1915Bath, Somerset, England I30612 USA 
41 Rumming, Elsie  1904Bath, Somerset, England I30397 USA 
42 Rumming, Frederick Charles  1903Bath, Somerset, England I30316 USA 
43 Shrapnell, Charlotte  1853Bath, Somerset, England I30378 USA 
44 Smallbone, Alfred Herbert  1880Bath, Somerset, England I30329 USA 
45 Warner, Agnes Frances Henrietta  1866Bath, Somerset, England I30371 USA 
46 Whiting, Abel  1883Bath, Somerset, England I30303 USA 
47 Whiting, Albert Richard  1876Bath, Somerset, England I1284 Glstr 
48 Whiting, Alfred  23 Nov 1903Bath, Somerset, England I30327 USA 
49 Whiting, Alice Maud  1901Bath, Somerset, England I30352 USA 
50 Whiting, Amy  1870Bath, Somerset, England I919 Glstr 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lane, Joan  Bath, Somerset, England I15919 USA 
2 Whiting, Theresa  30 Dec 1849Bath, Somerset, England I30293 USA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bright, Elizabeth  1906Bath, Somerset, England I30237 USA 
2 Bright, Elizabeth  1922Bath, Somerset, England I1015 Glstr 
3 Clark, Winifred G  1931Bath, Somerset, England I30390 USA 
4 Griffin, Emily Rosalind  1944Bath, Somerset, England I30369 USA 
5 Holley, Sarah Ellen  1931Bath, Somerset, England I30335 USA 
6 Kirkham, Emily Mary  17 Jun 1959Bath, Somerset, England I30326 USA 
7 LOCK, Josephine M  23 Nov 2010Bath, Somerset, England I2904 York 
8 Massey, Stanley Joseph  Apr 1989Bath, Somerset, England I30365 USA 
9 Meddick, Agnes Rosina  1985Bath, Somerset, England I30385 USA 
10 Meddick, Albert Edward  14 Dec 1938Bath, Somerset, England I30370 USA 
11 Ringham, Alfred Daniel  1967Bath, Somerset, England I30359 USA 
12 Ringham, Alfred Stanley  Jan 1987Bath, Somerset, England I30611 USA 
13 Ringham, Ernest Edwin  1904Bath, Somerset, England I30360 USA 
14 Ringham, Frank  9 Jun 1952Bath, Somerset, England I30362 USA 
15 Ringham, Frank Alister  17 Aug 2004Bath, Somerset, England I30388 USA 
16 Ringham, Henry Charles  1964Bath, Somerset, England I30355 USA 
17 Ringham, Henry Frederick  1986Bath, Somerset, England I30357 USA 
18 Ringham, Lilian Violet  1996Bath, Somerset, England I30364 USA 
19 Ringham, Rosalind Joy  1990Bath, Somerset, England I30368 USA 
20 Ringham, William  Jun 1956Bath, Somerset, England I30356 USA 
21 Ringham, William Daniel  26 Apr 2010Bath, Somerset, England I30612 USA 
22 Whiting, Abel  Sep 1922Bath, Somerset, England I30236 USA 
23 Whiting, Alfred  Jun 1976Bath, Somerset, England I30327 USA 
24 Whiting, Amy B  1971Bath, Somerset, England I1278 Glstr 
25 Whiting, Daniel  1867Bath, Somerset, England I30240 USA 
26 Whiting, Edgar  Jun 1972Bath, Somerset, England I1342 Glstr 
27 Whiting, Elizabeth Jane  1892Bath, Somerset, England I30296 USA 
28 Whiting, Henry Charles  1921Bath, Somerset, England I30334 USA 
29 Whiting, Henry William  5 Jul 1964Bath, Somerset, England I30339 USA 
30 Whiting, William  1897Bath, Somerset, England I97 Glstr 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Meddick, Albert Edward  Bath, Somerset, England I30370 USA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allison / Whiting  1901Bath, Somerset, England F9836 USA 
2 Bull / Whiting  1906Bath, Somerset, England F9850 USA 
3 Field / Ringham  1934Bath, Somerset, England F9867 USA 
4 Lang / Rumming  1925Bath, Somerset, England F9842 USA 
5 Massey / Ringham  1931Bath, Somerset, England F9865 USA 
6 Meddick / Ringham  1909Bath, Somerset, England F9863 USA 
7 Meddick / Shrapnell  1876Bath, Somerset, England F9869 USA 
8 Ringham / Burchell  1937Bath, Somerset, England F9904 USA 
9 Ringham / Clark  1921Bath, Somerset, England F9864 USA 
10 Ringham / Griffin  1907Bath, Somerset, England F9862 USA 
11 Rumming / Whiting  1894Bath, Somerset, England F9809 USA 
12 Rumming / Willis  1925Bath, Somerset, England F9841 USA 
13 Smallbone / Whiting  1908Bath, Somerset, England F9834 USA 
14 Stevens / Meddick  1953Bath, Somerset, England F9871 USA 
15 Turle / LOCK  1961Bath, Somerset, England F1175 York 
16 Wesson / Whiting  1917Bath, Somerset, England F9855 USA 
17 Whiting / Bright  1868Bath, Somerset, England F9807 USA