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Alton, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Eliza Lily  16 Jan 1871Alton, Hampshire, England I4533
2 Annette, Michael  13 Feb 1949Alton, Hampshire, England I3073
3 Baker, Albert Edward  Jan 1869Alton, Hampshire, England I1114
4 Baker, Annie  Jul 1873Alton, Hampshire, England I1871
5 Baker, Emily  Jan 1856Alton, Hampshire, England I1495
6 Baker, Francis Henry  10 Mar 1890Alton, Hampshire, England I1603
7 Baker, Henry  1860Alton, Hampshire, England I2187
8 Baker, Jane  Oct 1863Alton, Hampshire, England I1557
9 Baker, Maria  Jul 1858Alton, Hampshire, England I992
10 Baker, Mary Ann  Jul 1854Alton, Hampshire, England I1422
11 Baker, Reginald  Apr 1892Alton, Hampshire, England I1737
12 Baker, William  Apr 1866Alton, Hampshire, England I495
13 Barbey, Josephine Eleanor  24 Nov 1936Alton, Hampshire, England I2938
14 Barbey, Kenneth John  26 Jul 1942Alton, Hampshire, England I2940
15 Barbey or Davis, Rueben  24 Feb 1905Alton, Hampshire, England I1446
16 Brown, Leslie A  9 Mar 1907Alton, Hampshire, England I2851
17 Brown, Lilah Alice  30 Oct 1906Alton, Hampshire, England I2785
18 Cate, William  1799Alton, Hampshire, England I4281
19 Chevis, Harry Fielder  24 Dec 1895Alton, Hampshire, England I2778
20 Chevis, Mary  Oct 1922Alton, Hampshire, England I2780
21 Chevis, Nellie Olive  Jun 1920Alton, Hampshire, England I2779
22 Christmas, Alice May  25 Apr 1937Alton, Hampshire, England I2757
23 Christmas, Christinia Ellen  29 Dec 1905Alton, Hampshire, England I4826
24 Christmas, Olive Gertrude  8 Apr 1901Alton, Hampshire, England I4827
25 Christmas, Ronald James  17 Jun 1933Alton, Hampshire, England I2758
26 Christmas, Walter John  5 Oct 1873Alton, Hampshire, England I4541
27 Christmas, William James  1 Feb 1901Alton, Hampshire, England I2759
28 Collins, Caroline (Kate or Catherine)  1832Alton, Hampshire, England I5015
29 Collins, Charles  1828Alton, Hampshire, England I5016
30 Collins, Elizabeth (Eliza)  1836Alton, Hampshire, England I5014
31 Collins, Lucy Jane  Apr 1843Alton, Hampshire, England I5034
32 Collins, Sally  1826Alton, Hampshire, England I5017
33 Davis, Daisy Winifred  Jan 1891Alton, Hampshire, England I827
34 Davis, Dorothy Mary  Jul 1895Alton, Hampshire, England I891
35 Davis, Edith Nora  Apr 1897Alton, Hampshire, England I1619
36 Davis, Florence May  Jan 1889Alton, Hampshire, England I1261
37 Davis, Percy William  4 Sep 1892Alton, Hampshire, England I782
38 Dodd, William John  1875Alton, Hampshire, England I1621
39 Dowden, Albert Edward  1835Alton, Hampshire, England I4168
40 Eggby, Mary Ann  Apr 1874Alton, Hampshire, England I2732
41 Eggby, William  1819Alton, Hampshire, England I4297
42 Gregory, Ronald Francis  31 May 1935Alton, Hampshire, England I4807
43 Gregory, Stephen Paul  4 Apr 1962Alton, Hampshire, England I4805
44 Grover, Elizabeth  1758Alton, Hampshire, England I28
45 Hankin, Albert Ernest  20 Oct 1913Alton, Hampshire, England I2722
46 Hankin, Ellen Francis Hay  21 Jan 1915Alton, Hampshire, England I2720
47 Hankin, Ernest Tom  29 Aug 1886Alton, Hampshire, England I2719
48 Hankin, Ronald Arthur Wilfred  13 Jan 1917Alton, Hampshire, England I2721
49 Hickman, Minnie Kate  26 Jul 1875Alton, Hampshire, England I4747
50 Holland, Ann  Sep 1803Alton, Hampshire, England I1803

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Whiting, William  12 Mar 1831Alton, Hampshire, England I267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Ann  Jun 1929Alton, Hampshire, England I4303
2 Adams, Bridger  Jul 1892Alton, Hampshire, England I4305
3 Adams, Ellen Louise  Sep 1960Alton, Hampshire, England I4741
4 Adams, George  Jan 1892Alton, Hampshire, England I4272
5 Adams, Kate Elizabeth  26 Feb 1940Alton, Hampshire, England I4537
6 Adams, Mary Ellen  Mar 1940Alton, Hampshire, England I4538
7 Adams, Sarah  Jun 1927Alton, Hampshire, England I4299
8 Adams, William  Jun 1922Alton, Hampshire, England I4304
9 Alden, Jane  Apr 1879Alton, Hampshire, England I573
10 Andrews, Frances Mary  Oct 1902Alton, Hampshire, England I4547
11 Annette, Albert Victor  Mar 1978Alton, Hampshire, England I3078
12 Aslett, Benjamin George  18 Feb 1961Alton, Hampshire, England I4774
13 Baker, Annie  Sep 1937Alton, Hampshire, England I1871
14 Baker, Emily  Dec 1925Alton, Hampshire, England I1495
15 Baker, Maria  Jul 1903Alton, Hampshire, England I992
16 Baker, Mary Ann  Apr 1903Alton, Hampshire, England I1422
17 Baker, Olive Winifred  12 Jun 1978Alton, Hampshire, England I1866
18 Baker, Sylvia Florence  18 Sep 1982Alton, Hampshire, England I1625
19 Baker, William  Apr 1904Alton, Hampshire, England I1393
20 Beagley, Maud  13 Nov 1994Alton, Hampshire, England I4754
21 Bone, Eliza  Jan 1902Alton, Hampshire, England I1645
22 Brooker, Ellen  10 Feb 1940Alton, Hampshire, England I3516
23 Budd, Sarah  Jan 1905Alton, Hampshire, England I1328
24 Chives, Elizabeth  Jan 1913Alton, Hampshire, England I1220
25 Christmas, Christinia Ellen  21 Jun 1974Alton, Hampshire, England I4826
26 Christmas, John  Dec 1924Alton, Hampshire, England I4542
27 Christmas, Ronald James  Jan 2004Alton, Hampshire, England I2758
28 Christmas, Walter John  Jun 1953Alton, Hampshire, England I4541
29 Christmas, William James  Dec 1979Alton, Hampshire, England I2759
30 Collins, Charles  Jul 1887Alton, Hampshire, England I5016
31 Collins, John  Oct 1841Alton, Hampshire, England I5018
32 Davis, John  11 Dec 1930Alton, Hampshire, England I1586
33 Dodd, John  30 Dec 1890Alton, Hampshire, England I127
34 Dowden, Albert Edward  Jan 1868Alton, Hampshire, England I4168
35 Downer, Harry (aka Henry)  8 Apr 1941Alton, Hampshire, England I1639
36 Foster, Frances Maria  Sep 1942Alton, Hampshire, England I1830
37 Goff, Minnie Alice  Mar 1946Alton, Hampshire, England I1608
38 Goodenough, Jane  Apr 1911Alton, Hampshire, England I1513
39 Goodger, Charlotte  17 Dec 1946Alton, Hampshire, England I1457
40 Grover, Hester  Oct 1901Alton, Hampshire, England I2714
41 Hawkins, Charles  Jun 1943Alton, Hampshire, England I2790
42 Haws, Mabel Maria  Aug 2005Alton, Hampshire, England I3264
43 Ivey, Douglas  8 Mar 1973Alton, Hampshire, England I4834
44 Knight, Albert  26 May 1899Alton, Hampshire, England I1652
45 Knight, Frank  4 Feb 1981Alton, Hampshire, England I1815
46 Knight, Sheila Emily  4 Aug 2009Alton, Hampshire, England I2727
47 Lovegrove, Alfred George  Mar 1970Alton, Hampshire, England I3446
48 Mason, William  Jan 1891Alton, Hampshire, England I802
49 Mundy, Ellen Gertrude  21 Sep 1960Alton, Hampshire, England I4828
50 Page, Martha  Mar 1949Alton, Hampshire, England I1278

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Collins, John  17 Oct 1841Alton, Hampshire, England I5018
2 Goff, George Bertram James  1944Alton, Hampshire, England I1870
3 Purdy, Phoebe Sarah  1967Alton, Hampshire, England I1492
4 Whiting, Alfred Walter  7 Oct 1861Alton, Hampshire, England I1481


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Knight  Oct 1895Alton, Hampshire, England F1501
2 Adams / Privett  Jan 1869Alton, Hampshire, England F1393
3 Alderman / Christmas  Sep 1925Alton, Hampshire, England F1598
4 Aldred / Whiting  Jan 1874Alton, Hampshire, England F793
5 Annette / Whiting  Jun 1938Alton, Hampshire, England F863
6 Aslett / Adams  Dec 1919Alton, Hampshire, England F1562
7 Baker / (Ward)  30 Jun 1920Alton, Hampshire, England F805
8 Baker / Brown  Mar 1931Alton, Hampshire, England F806
9 Ballantyne / Tucker or Adams  Jun 1950Alton, Hampshire, England F1637
10 Barbey or Davis / Smith  Dec 1935Alton, Hampshire, England F644
11 Beagley / Adams  Jan 1895Alton, Hampshire, England F1499
12 Brown / Chevis  Dec 1947Alton, Hampshire, England F876
13 Carrington / Skates  Jun 1947Alton, Hampshire, England F1570
14 Chevis / Baker  Sep 1919Alton, Hampshire, England F803
15 Christmas / Adams  Jul 1871Alton, Hampshire, England F1392
16 Christmas / Mundy  28 Sep 1898Alton, Hampshire, England F1502
17 Christmas / Tune  Sep 1932Alton, Hampshire, England F738
18 Davis / Baker  25 Dec 1886Alton, Hampshire, England F643
19 Davis / Baker  Jul 1908Alton, Hampshire, England F640
20 Davis / White  26 Dec 1922Alton, Hampshire, England F703
21 Dewey / Tune  Jun 1922Alton, Hampshire, England F737
22 Downer / Baker  Apr 1891Alton, Hampshire, England F811
23 Eggby / Adams  2 Apr 1861Alton, Hampshire, England F1375
24 Fullick / Little  Jun 1927Alton, Hampshire, England F1023
25 Fullick or Heather / Copping  Jun 1921Alton, Hampshire, England F1015
26 Fullick or Heather / Warner  Jul 1915Alton, Hampshire, England F1011
27 Gostelow / Beagley  Jun 1935Alton, Hampshire, England F1568
28 Gregory / Beagley  Jun 1927Alton, Hampshire, England F1569
29 Hankin / Knight  Jul 1913Alton, Hampshire, England F849
30 Hawken / Lovegrove  Jun 1938Alton, Hampshire, England F1098
31 Hawkins / Baker  Apr 1881Alton, Hampshire, England F838
32 Hunt / Baker  Jul 1892Alton, Hampshire, England F837
33 Ivey / Christmas  Dec 1931Alton, Hampshire, England F1597
34 Kemp / Lovegrove  Sep 1937Alton, Hampshire, England F1097
35 Knight / Stacey  Dec 1927Alton, Hampshire, England F851
36 Locke / Collins  20 Sep 1846Alton, Hampshire, England F1656
37 Lovegrove / Whiting  Oct 1903Alton, Hampshire, England F1094
38 Mason / Whiting  Oct 1884Alton, Hampshire, England F699
39 Phillips / Rollings  5 Jun 1899Alton, Hampshire, England F707
40 Roke / Small  Oct 1908Alton, Hampshire, England F1002
41 Rollings / Baker  1 Nov 1878Alton, Hampshire, England F700
42 Rostron / Barbey  Jun 1959Alton, Hampshire, England F935
43 Sargant / Whiting  Jul 1913Alton, Hampshire, England F736
44 Seager / Whiting  Apr 1911Alton, Hampshire, England F1095
45 Sneller or Coleman / Baker  28 Dec 1912Alton, Hampshire, England F804
46 White / Rollings  Jan 1904Alton, Hampshire, England F702
47 Whiting / Cleeve  Dec 1953Alton, Hampshire, England F1090
48 Whiting / Eggby  Oct 1910Alton, Hampshire, England F746
49 Whiting / Glaysher  Oct 1879Alton, Hampshire, England F745
50 Whiting / Goodenough  Oct 1894Alton, Hampshire, England F742

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