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    March 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Whiting, Ernest Thomas   Whiting, Kate Mary   Kirk, Agnes May   Whiting, Celia   Whiting, Henry   Holmes, Frances   Winters, Rosa Anna   Gadsden, Peter R   Bashford, Alice Mary   Stiff, Annie   Whiting, Sidney   Whiting, John Peter   Mizen, Fanny   Argent, Alice Maria   Whiting, George William   Kirk, Ada Elsie   Whiting, Eliza Jane   Whiting, Ephraim   Whiting, Celia   Whiting, Albert   Kirk, Agnes May   Claydon, Cecil   Rattee, Thomas George   Whiting, Edgar Harry   Whiting, Bertie Charles   Whiting, Rachel   Jay, Elizabeth   Hendry, Eva Mary   Turner, Alfred Albery   Cawte, Percy   Knowles, John Eccles   Whiting, Doris Emily   Sage, John Frank   Kitchener, Sidney   Carter, Cyril Bonham   Whiting, Samuel C   Eaton, Percy Albert   Eaton, Alice Kate   Whiting, Frederick   Whybrew, Rachel   Whybrew, Celia   Whybrew, Jane   Thake, Clifford John   Thake, Edward Victor   Farrant, Lily Winifred   Sandford, Richard Thomas   Townsend, Maud Ethel   Willby, Frederick Dudley   Whiting, Percy   Whiting, Florence May   Batty, Charles   Atkinson, Dennis   Healless, Harry   Sanders, William   Sanders, Louisa   Sanders, Samuel   Edwards, Bernard Stewart Theo...   Thompson, Catherine   Elson, Ada Elizabeth   Sanders, Samuel George   Carroll, Ernest   Hunter, Dorothy Kathleen   Sharp, Cecil   Howden, Hilda Maria   Healless, Ada Lilian   WALKER, Emma   Whiting, Emily Georgina   Hill, Alice Evelyn   Treherne, Floss   Sanders, Miriam   Trehern, Albert   Taylor, William Cole   Taylor, Rose Emily   RICHARDSON, Arthur Thomas   RICHARDSON, Stanley Charles   Manning, Brenda May   Holder, Margorie G   Creamer, Kate   Halliday, Fanny Elizabeth   Hills, Rennie May   Beard, Rose Emma   Robertson, Sydney   Panter, Florence Evelyn   Gilbey, Margaret Pearl   Tilley, Adelaide Emma   Hill, Eric V   Douthwaite, Kenneth   Bell, Florence Harriet   Wright, Cyril   Whiting, Fredrick   Sanders, Kate   Fyfield, Emma   Whiting, Rose (Rosa)   Goff, George   Page, Martha   Sargant, Walter Charles   Whiting, Ralph Herbert   Whiting, Harvey John (Harry)   Hocking, Martha Gipsey   Stephens, Frederick J   Davis, Francis Alfred   Upperton, Nora Sophia   Upperton or Deane, Clement (C...   Searle, Jane   Gostelow, William Harold   Swannell, Charles Ellis   Swannell, Florence Violet   Adams, Elizabeth Kate   Adams, Amy   Adams, Bridger George   Adams, Mary Ellen   Adams, Eliza Lily   Adams, Agnes   Adams, Andrew   Adams, Thomas Henry   Adams, George   Henocq, Ada Elizabeth   Priddle, Stephen George   Goff, Albert Ernest   Soars, Dora Violet   Kennett, Florence Annie   Moore, Mary Ann   Edwards, William Thomas   Hammond, Richard William   Moore, Emily   Bishop, Martha Jane   Braby, Annie   Jupp, Rupert Edwin   Whiting, John   Moore, Alice Mary   Moore, George   Goff, Minnie Alice   Whiting, Augusta Mary   Dennis, William David   Hudson, Sydney   Hall, Christine Margaret D   Spooner, Lily Agnes   Locke, Clara Edith   Kennedy, Herbert Sydney   Kennedy, Kenneth Ivan   Paxton, Arthur Sidney Spencer   Locke, William   Butcher, Anthony Arthur L   Willis, Alice R   Froude, Alice Louisa   Adams, Thomas George   Beavis, Sidney   Mobey, John Alfred   Whiting, William Henry   Paxton, Lillian Maud   Darley, Frederick George   Adams, Emily   Allen, Henry Albert Victor   Burningham, Alfred Jack   Blatcher, Ethel May   Roke, Charlotte   Rutter, Doris May   Stevenson, Frances Elizabeth   Hunt, James Charles   Whiting, May   Baker, Reginald   Whiting, Phyllis   Burgess, Fanny   Whiting, Robert   Rollings, Mabel Ford   White, Elizabeth Mary (Lizzie...   Croft, William   Brown, Nellie Florence   Shepherd, Alice Harriet   Bailey, Arthur   Hartles, Nellie Elizabeth   Baxendale, Josephine Ivy   Lovegrove, Alfred George   Whiting, Alice   Whiting, John   Warner, Alice Maud   Heather, Arthur Henry   Fullick, Robert G   Adams, Emily Florence   Jones, Dorothy Muriel   Sankey, Percy Edward   Ball, Emily Mona   Blatcher, Kathleen Maud   Gold, Ada Alice   Gardiner, Edgar   Steele, Grace Voilet   Fullick or Heather, Harry Hea...   Rook or Roke, William John   Chase, Ernest Victor Jubilee   Annette, Albert Victor   Nott, Arthur Robert   White, Edward James   Dorrell, Ernest John   Chevis, Mary   Goff, Judy M   Whiting, William James   Whiting, Harriett Blanche   Strange, Ruth   Whiting, Dorothy   Whiting, John Beer   Ovens, Ada Mary   Whiting, Alicia Mary   Whiting, George Daniel   Whiting, Isac   Rayner, Elizabeth   Wall, Lucy   Whiting, George   Whiting, Thomas James   Colton, John   Whiting, Phyllis   Whitting, John   Whiting, Sidney   Sharp, Lucy   Norman, Sarah Elizabeth   Peace, Audrey   Hodge, Daniel   Oliver, Jabez   Oliver, Anne   Bullimore, George Henry   Bullimore, George   Watts, Joseph Collins   Smith, Emma   Whiting, Everett Christopher   Whiting, Agnes Ellen   Mawby, Thomas   Whiting, Edmond John   Whiting, Hepzebah   James, Henry Strethe   Eaton, Drusilla   Lord, William   Whiting, Elisha Jr.   Whiting, Wendy Josinette   Radford, Ellen   Conant, Melvin Abbott   Whiting, Gertrude Beatrice   Rainforth, Hannah E   Batty, Charles   Atkinson, Dennis   Whiting, Edmond John   Sullivan Whiting, Elizabeth   Gladding, Elvina Francis   Whiting, Ernest Bashford   Keeler, Marston   Burlingame, Leone Irene   Sage, Catharine   Thompson, James   Whiting Whiton, Alice   Cornish, Elijah   Going, Roy Eugene   Cook, Samuel   Mygatt, Thomas   Belden, Mary   Jewell, George Washington   Thruston, Elizabeth Taylor   Whiton, Elijah   Sheldon, Rhoda   Young, Bridget   Whitaker, Betty Arlene   Duck, Elizabeth   Fiske, Nicholas   Russell Jr, Johathan   Whiting, Grace Geneva   Skinner, Elisha   Thruston, Elizabeth Taylor   Baker, Fanny   Thomas   Moosman, Clark   Whiting, Paul Howard   Whiting, Russell Freeman   Whiting, Guy   Whiting, James F   Whiting, Erma   Rood, Franklin H.   Baughman, Georgianna Persis   Duval, Desmond   Reynolds, Earle   Riggs, Emma   Mygatt, Joseph M   Johnson, Susan M.   Wilson, Drucilla A   Fairbanks, Lucy Ann   Fairbanks, Ulric Jr   Whiting, Betty   Mason, Abigail   Whiting, Nathaniel IV   Butler, Eunice   Whiting, Samuel   Whiting, Robert T   Mason, Abigail   Whiting, Hiram   Todd, Alan   Preston, Elizabeth Alderton   Register, Rita Muriel   Allen, Ellen K   Wareham, Marguerite Elizabeth   Priddle, Henry T   Yeoman, Neil Robert   Charlwood, Amey   Warner, Tony   Whiting, Rosemary A   Goff, Judy M   Whiting, Harvey J   Whiting, Edgar   Cobb, Charles   Smith, Jane   Smith, Ann   Mawby, Sarah   Barnett, Hannah   Cox, Susan   Lee, Lizzie   Lee, Dinah Jane   Lee, Jesse   Lee, John   Oliver, William John   Finch, Margaret   Fitzhugh, Zillah   Woods, Edward George   Smith, Elizabeth   Barnett, Ann Elizabeth   Pugh, Olaff Dayton William   Ingalls, Perlie Belle   McGowin, Mary Edith   Funk, Melissa C.   Richardson, Olive   Terry, Grace E   Deming, Timothy   Rounds, Cornelia Adelaide   Newell, Martha   Alice S.   Elizabeth   Whiting, Joseph E   Whiting, Albertus DeWitt   Whiting, Brent   Steele, Fredrick C   Clizbe, Marian Richardson   Timmons, Charles   Whiting, Celia   Whiting, Lelia   Hussey, Louella Ray   Haskell, Benjamin Stewart   Whiting, Marjorie S   Gillis, Ansel   Kales, Albert   Howard, Daniel   Whiting, Myrna S   Griswold, Lillian L   Kimball, Frank   Walker, Frank Edson   Phillips, Charles C   Husband, Stewart   Jones, Albert   Whiting, Peter Herbert   Chaffee, Emma L.   Whiting, David L .   Whiting, Milton Torsey   Whiting, Elbert   Whiting, Maggie   Whiting, Alpheus B   Darling, Grace   Darling, Thomas   Darling, Blanch   Follett, Edwin   Whiting, Frederick   Boldt, Frederick   Lillian   Ploof, David   Lee, Irven John   Lee, Gertrude Agnes   Clark, Frank A   Feaster, Catherine   Whiting, Hiram   Ulmer, Edith   Stuart, Harry M   Whiting, Cora   Whiting, Mildred R   Emma   Whiting, Louis Benner   Whiton, Joanna   Whiting, Lewis M.   Woodard, Leah E   Mary A   Smith, Dorothy   Rosenberg, Katherine E   Nelson, Edith   Whiting, Inez   Darrow, Franklin E   Lewis, Judson   Whiting, Samuel   Whiting, Mary Emma   Detrick, Nellie M.   Sanford, Lewis K.   Ebbert, Lillie   Ebbert, Elizebeth   Anderson, Katie   Logan, Saphronia   Welling, Lawson P.   Lucy M   Whiting, Anna   Whiting, Estella   Whiting, Allyn   Richardson, Sanford   Whiting, Adda Theodocia   McNutt, William W   McNutt, Alexander   Whiting, Vena Lois   Whiting, Joseph Paine   Whiting, Grace   Russell, Catherine   Brown, Helen   Whiting, Josephine   Hunter, Sarah Alice   Whiting, Ralph W.   Marcy, Benjamin Henry   Wells, Ruth   Whiting, Harold   Whiting, Delton Dana   Lang, Harry G   Whiting, Justin Jr.   Whiting, Ethel Pearl   Phillips, Anna E.   Whiting, Helen   Whiting, Dorothy   Whiting, Nellie   Bell   Wade, Jenny   Whiting, William John / March...   Harrison, Arthur Roland / Dav...   Baker, Richard Egbert / Brown...   Dewey, William Alfred / Huby,...   Whiting, Louis Ernest / Gabb,...   Fullick, John Roy / Nunn, Iv...   Roke, Albert Henry / Haws, M...   Blatcher, Cecil Ronald Willia...   Blow, Stanley Edward / Warner...   Goodchild, Lewis J / Whiting,...   Joyce, Volleney or Volney Ric...   Bailey, Arthur / Buckmaster, ...   Rich, Albert John / Argent, ...   Browning, Percival Leslie (Pe...   Banfield, Thomas Henry (Priva...   Priddle, Frederick Stephen / ...   Walker, Norman / Lipscombe, ...   Hurley, Leslie Charles / Balf...   Collyer, Arthur Henry William...   Smith, Harold George / Uppert...   Ford, Harold Frederick / Adam...   Mitchell, James Owen / Harvey...   Crook, Lionel / Cottle, Phyl...   Brown, Geoffrey Alfred / Paxt...   Sherry, John Arthur Christie ...   Keegan, Robert / Roberts, Ch...   Whiting, William Henry / Wint...   Whiting, John Fielding / Roge...   Chandler, James Howe / Wells,...   Fairbanks, Joseph Orville / S...   Cobb, Jasper / Montgomery, A...   Murdock, Robert Elgin / Graha...   Cottrell, Nicholas / Pendleto...   Way, Aaron / Sumner, Joan   Upham, Edward / Leonard, Sar...   Hyde, John / Russell Leffingw...